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Eurocana Cup is a contest series in Sweden.

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Eurocana Cup 2016 Halmstad Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from the Eurocana Cup contest in Halmstad.


Video by Jesper Nilsson.


All Girls Bowl Jam:

1. Jessica Jansson
2. Maite Louisy
3. Mimmi Leckius
4. Josefin Robarth
5. Cornelia Selander
6. Alma (stehag)
7. Matilda Persson
8. Hilda Magnusson

Junior Vert:

1. Fredrerik Hoepfner
2. Andree Bhlin
3. Sebastian LaCour
4. Magnus Hanehj
5. Aaron Buzas
6. Vitus
7. Emil Ernstrm
8. Philip Eidenberg
9. Julian
10. Hampus Winberg
11. Chris laCour
12. Marvin

Legends Vert:

1. Tony Jansson
2. Hans Jacobsson
3. Anders Andreen
4. Niclas Folkesson
5. Per Nilsson
6. Ulrik Ulle Bethoven

Masters Vert:

1. Jocke Olsson
2. Mathias Sernklo
3. John Magnusson
4. Bo Warberg Larsen
5. Macki Chounouzidis
6. Sten-ke Volden
7. Henrik Volden
8. Jesper Funck
9. Mika Lfgren
10. Jan Poulsen

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The Eurocana Cup in Sweden is continuing in Borlange and Stockholm next year.

Eurocana Cup 2016

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