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Indoor and outdoor skatepark in Molde, Norway.

Also known as: Molde Skatepark

Molde Indoor Bowl Update
The indoor bowl in Molde has been renovated.


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Molde Indoor Skatepark Reopens [17/5/2017]
The indoor bowl in Molde has been reopened.

Molde Seeks Skatepark Location [31/3/2017]
Skate Molde is working to get a location for the bowl.

Molde Closes Indoor Skatepark [26/3/2017]
The indoor bowl in Molde has been closed due to safety concerns, and because the city plans to build apartments there.


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2009: Molde
Jan Stefan Moen bowl skating at Huset Skatepark in Molde.
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2008: Molde
Bowl in progress Molde: Skateboard Molde, Sindre Hestad Kristina Westad Andr Lorentzen Vegard Hestad Bowl mix
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2017: Huset Skatepark: Show Picture
New features. Photo by Molde Skateboarding.

2016: Huset Skatepark: Show Picture
Bowl being renovated at Huset Skatepark. Photo by Skateboarding Molde.

2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Schools Out Skate Contest Flyer.

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The miniramp at Gule Huset in Oslo is being torn down.

Marcus Vik at Gulehuset Skatepark [6/12/2013]
Marcus Vik does a line on the indoor miniramp at Gule Huset in Oslo.

Mountain Dew Adrenaline Sessions 2013 [12/6/2013]
Adrenaline by Mountain Dew are hosting skate contests around Norway this summer.

Make It Count 2013 Europe [17/4/2013]
Here are the European stops of the Element Make It Count 2013 Contest Series.

Element Make It Count 2012 Contest Series EU [13/2/2012]
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FSVB Visits Det Gule Huset Skatepark [7/1/2012]
Short clip from an FSVB session at Det Gule Huset in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Det Gule Huset April 2009 [4/2/2009]
The indoor skatepark at Slemdal has got new surfacing and a new microramp on one of the platforms. We stopped by for a quick checkout.

Quicksilver Vert Invitational 2008 Photage [25/12/2008]
Skateboarders from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Holland met at Stockholm Skatepark last month for the Quicksilver Vert Invitational. Here is some photage from the event.

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Quicksilver Vert Invitational 2008 Results [26/11/2008]
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2016: Huset Skatepark [19/11/2016]