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The Justme Website is based out of Oslo, Norway, and follows skateboarding and related topics in Norway and world wide.

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1000, 2000: A Skatespot Update
The skatespot guide on The Justme Website now has more than 1000 skateparks and skatespots mapped in Norway, and over 2000 spots world wide.



The skatespots in Norway are available from the country menu and list, and from the county maps.

There are also some Norwegian cities available in the drop down menus. A city usually gets listed once it gets more than a few spots, so if you want to see your home town on the list, just submit some spots to the guide.

But you can also find links to various spot-maps on many other pages, such as the municipality pages. This means that even if a city such as Halden is not in the city list, you can still do a search for Halden, and find links for spot-maps on both the Halden page, and the Halden Kommune page.

The Norwegian spotguide also has some filters to narrow down the type of spots, but be aware that we might not know all the details on all skateparks, so if you filter on a certain spot type it might not list all the spots. Feel free to comment on any missing information.

World Wide:

Not long after passing 1000 active Norwegian skatespots, the spotguide hit another milestone with more than 2000 active skatespots in 56 countries world wide.

Check out the Skatespots category on the startpage to see all skatespot related pages.


The Justme Website 1000 Norwegian skatespots advertisment.

1001 Norwegian skatespots spoof advertisment.

2001 world wide skatespots spoof advertisment.

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Spotguide Problems Resolved on The Justme Website [10/9/2018]
The Skate To Spots and Drive To Spots guides are now working on all browsers.

The Justme Spotguide Reaches 2500 Active Spots [5/12/2017]
2500 active skatespots in 60 countries are now registered in the spotguide.

Justme Spotmaps: Problems and Solutions [3/12/2017]
Some users report that they are having problems with the maps showing skatespots near your location, so here are some known issues and solutions.


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2012: Trailers and Clips
Justme Teaser #2 / New Year 2011-2012 / Featuring Audun Mehl, Chrisopher Alstermo, Bjrn Gulbrandsen, Freddy Kjernet, Henry J Calmeyer and Tommy Jrgensen.
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2012: Trailers and Clips
Justme 2011 Teaser #1 featuring Audun Mehl, Chrisopher Alstermo, Bjrn Gulbrandsen, Freddy Kjernet, Henry J Calmeyer, Kjetil Krogvold, Espen Red, Alex Holm, Erik Thommesen, Lars Andreas Bckmann, William Wallentin, Eileen Wikery Pettersen and Vivi.
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2011: Welcome Videos
The Justme Website is proud to welcome Audun Mehl to the team. Here is a welcome montage of leftover clips, saving the best for later. :)
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2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
The Justme Website All Platforms Ad.

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
The Justme Website Skateboarding Ad.

2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
The Justme Website 2001 World Wide Skatespots Ad

Go Fish:

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Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Opening Footage [23/5/2017]
Here are some pictures from the official opening of the new skatepark outside Oslo Skatehall.

Oslo Spring 2017 #4 [12/5/2017]
Here is part four of the Oslo Spring series.

Spotcheck: Jordal Bowl April 2017 [19/4/2017]
The bowl has been cleaned, and missing screws have been replaced. Here are some pictures from a session in the bowl at Jordal Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Tyenpuppen April 2017 [9/4/2017]
Here are some pictures from Tyenpuppen today.

Spotcheck: Frognerkilen Skatepark March 2017 [26/3/2017]
Some footage from our visit to Frognerkilen.

Spotcheck: Jordal Skatepark March 2017 [26/3/2017]
Here are some pictures from our visit to the skatepark at Jordal. The park has since been cleaned.

Spotcheck: Fyrstikkalleen Skatepark March 2017 [26/3/2017]
The skatepark at Fyrstikkalleen Skole is good to go.

Oslo Spring 2017 #1 [21/3/2017]
The snow is retreating, so we checked out some Oslo skateparks and skatespots last week.

Grind TV Top 5 Skate Trip Cities [26/2/2017]
Grind TV has an article about the best five cities for a skateboard trip.

Lend A Skateboard At Oppegrd Library [13/10/2016]
Framtiden i vre hender Oppegrd and Oppegrd Bibliotek has started lending out equipment, including skateboards, at the library.

Below are pictures that might be related, just not properly connected yet.

2017: Advertisments [20/8/2017]

2017: Advertisments [20/8/2017]

2015: Websites [29/10/2015]