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Copenhagen Open is an annual skateboard contest in Denmark.

Also known as: CPH Open

CPH Open 2016 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from this years Copenhagen Open.

Day 1

Flledparken Pro Bowl at Flledparken:

1. Pedro Barros
2. Sam Beckett
3. Rune Glifberg
Alex Sorgente 4th
Chris Russell 5th
Murilo Peres 6th
Cody Chapman 7th
Hugo Boserup 8th
Kalle Berglind 9th
Vincent Matheron 10th
Cody Lockwood 11th
Kevin Baekkel 12th
Fernando Bramsmark 13th
Nicky Guerrero 14th
Marlon Silva 15th
Jack Fardell 16th
Kevin Kowalski 17th
Lizzie Armanto 18th
Nora Vasconcellos 19th
Yndiara Asp 20th

Dressen Salad Bowl Jam:

1. Jonas Bunger aka Ginger
2. Kevin Baekkel
3. Dannie Carlsen
4. Argentina Dario Mattarollo
5. Chris Russell

Day 2

Ledge Session at Jarmers Plads:

1. TJ Rogers
2. Louie Lopez
3. Youness Amrani
Bobby Worrest 4th
Luan Oliveira 5th
Carlos Ribeiro 6th
Yuri Facchini 7th
Sean Malto 8th
Alexander Risvad 9th
Evan Smith 10th
Gabriel Fortunato 11th
Josef Scott Jatta 12th
Denny Pham 13th
Torey Pudwill 14th
Sewa Kroetkov 15th
Alex Olson 16th
Marek Zaprazny 17th
JP Souza 18th
Jost Arens 19th
Hermann Stene 20th
Jack Curtin 21st
Andrew Brophy 22nd
Austyn Gillette 23rd
Jonas Daater 24th
Axel Cruysberghs 25th
Dario Mattarollo 26th
Aldo Reyes 27th
Stavros Razis 28th
Maxim Habanec 29th
Madars Apse 30th
Egor Kaldikov 31st
Corey Glick 32nd
Nakel Smith 33rd
Maxime Geronzi 34th
Patrick Rogalski 35th
Wieger Van Wageningen 36th
Neverton Casella 37th
Marlon Silva 38th
Tobias Christofersen 39th

Flyout and Flatbar Session:

1. Louie Lopez
2. Curren Caples
3. Axel Crysberghs
Kyle Walker
Nyjah Huston
Cody Chapman
Kevin Baekkel
Alec Majerus
Carlos Ribeiro
Alex Olson
Yuri Facchini
Jack Fardell
Daan Van Der Linden
Jake Anderson
Fernando Bramsmark
Phil Zwijsen
Sean Imes
Luciano Cristobal
Marlon Silva
Jared Cleland
Corey Glick
Youness Amrani

Day 3

Triple Set Session:

1. Neverton Casella
2. Hermann Stene
3. Alexsander Risvad
Youness Amrani 4th
Gabriel Fortunato 5th
Diego Fioresse 6th
William Stradling 7th
Mathias Torres 8th
Egor Kaldikov 9th

Ledge Session at Supermercado:

1. Luan Oliveira
2. TJ Rogers
3. Sewa Kroetkov
Sean Malto
JP Souza 5th
Denny Pham 6th
Alexander Risvad 7th
Carlos Ribeiro 8th
Gabriel Fortunato 9th
Phil Zwijsen 10th
Bruno Silva 11th
Marco Kada

Day 4

Ledge Session at City Hall:

1. Luan Oliveira
2. Evan Smith
3. Madars Apse
Austyn Gillette 4th
Peter Ramondetta 5th
TJ Rogers 6th
Chris Pfanner 7th
Kyle Walker 8th
Stefan Janoski 9th
Nakel Smith 10th
Josef Scott Jatta 11th
Gabriel Fortunato 12th
Ishod Wair 13th
Egor Kaldikov 14th
Sean Malto 15th
Carlos Ribeiro 16th
Jake Anderson 17th
Josh Matthews 18th
Axel Cruysberghs 19th
Sewa Kroetkov 20th
Marius Syvanen 21st
Brad Cromer 22nd
Neverton Casella 23rd
Thaynan Costa 24th
Michael Sommer 25th
Richie Rizzo 26th
Denny Pham 27th

Grizzly Death Race:

1. Kevin Baekkel
2. Alex Olson

Best Trick:

Hermann Stene 1st Backside 360 ollie.
Nyjah Huston 2nd 360 flip.
Phil Zwijsen 3rd Kickflip Indy footplant on the boat.
Chris Pfanner 4thBackside 180.
Alexander Risvad 5th Kickflip Indy.

CPH Open Street:

Only 44 people were able to skate the Contest before it got rained out.

Mads Christensen 1st
Jost Arens 2nd
Maxim Habanec 3rd
4th United States Jared Cleland
Kevin Baekkel 5th
Petter Brunvatne 6th
Jonas Carlsson 7th
Dadi Haraldsson 8th
Jonas Daater 9th
Egor Kaldikov 10th
Bart Buikman 11th
Axel Cruysberghs 12th
Diego Fioresse 13th
Aldo Reyes 14th
Gabriel Fortunato 15th
Pedro Barros 16th
Gosha Konyshev 17th
Soren Noe 18th
Aref Koushesh
Marley Baron 20th
Nizze Slander 21st
Fries Taillieu 22nd
Mano Wolf 23rd
Phil Zwijsen 24th
Marc Andresen 25th
Patrick Rogalski 26th
Hudson Da Paz 27th
Jip Koorevaar 28th
Remy Pralat 29th
Tobias Christofersen 30th
Benjamin Winther 31st
Sigurdur Omarsson 32nd
John Anderson 33rd
Phillipp Kharel 34th
Matan Keter 35th
Bruno Costa 36th
Finnian Martin 37th
Schaeffer Mclean 38th
Murilo Peres 39th
Oskar Hjellegjerde 40th
Nikolai Danov 41st
Christopher Bransner 42nd
Rob Ingimarsson 43rd

CPH Pro Street:

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Axel Crysberghs
4. Louie Lopez
5. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
TJ Rogers 6th
Carlos Ribeiro 7th
Kevin Baekkel 8th
Ishod Wair 9th
Curren Caples 10th
Hermann Stene 11th
Youness Amrani 12th
Fernando Bramsmark 13th
Dan Plunkett 14th
Mads Christensen 15th
Nisse Ingemarsson 16th
Neverton Casella 17th
Evan Smith 18th
Alex Olson 19th
Chris Pfanner 20th
Phil Zwijsen 21st
Cody Chapman 22nd
Diego Fioresse 23rd
Madars Apse 24th
Jack Fardell 25th
Pedro Barros 26th
Bobby Worrest 27th
Alexander Risvad 28th
Jack Curtin 29th
Austyn Gillette 30th
Stefan Janoski 31st
Denny Pham 32nd
Marius Syvanen 33rd
Eric Koston 34th
Gabriel Fortunato 35th
Nakel Smith 36th
JP Souza 37th
Sewa Kroetkov 38th
Kyle Walker 39th
Peter Ramondetta 40th
Sean Malto 41st
Cory Kennedy 42nd

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Sources and more footage.

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