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New Tasta Skatepark is a skatepark in Stavanger, Norway.

Also known as: New Tasta Skatepark / Tasta Concrete Skatepark / Stavanger Skatepark

Tasta Skatepark Rules Update
Stavanger Kommune has decided that the new skatepark at Tasta should be available to everyone at all times. The local skateboard organisation now pleas that other users excersise caution, or use alternative facilities apropriate for their skill level, so the dangerous situations they have seen in the past can be avoided.

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Due to a high number of kids on kickbikes creating caos, a new rule was introduced in July reserving the park for skateboarders in the evenings.

New Rules at new Tasta Skatepark

But even at times reserved for skateboarding kids on kickbikes created dangerous situations at the skaepark.

Kickbike Problems at Tasta Skatepark

There has also been concerns that bmx and kickbikes with pegs will ruin the ledges at the park.

Pegs Could Ruin New Tasta Skatepark

The new skatepark at Tasta opened this summer after the first stage was completed.

Tasta Skatepark Opening Footage

It hosted this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

NORB NM 2016 Results and Footage

The park got funding to build the second stage trough an extraordinary stimulus package from the state.

Tasta Gets Funding For Stage Two

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Awsm Kids at Nye Tasta Skatepark [13/6/2018]
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2016: Nye Tasta Skatepark
New Tasta Skatepark with Roar Kolnes
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2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Wilderness Tour Poster.

2018: Tasta Skatepark: Show Picture
Stage two pour. Photo by Betongpark.

2017: Nye Tasta Skatepark: Show Picture
Plans for Tasta Skatepark Stage 2.

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