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The PROject is a skateboard video form Jart Skateboards.

Also known as:

The PROject Full Video
Jart Skateboards presents The PROject, a new full length video featuring a diverse Jart Skateboards team.


A product of the culmination of filming for the past two years, the video features team riders Mark Frlich, Ivan Rivado, Sergio Muoz, Fernan Origel, Adrien Bulard, Ben Garca, Jorge Simoes and Carlos Neira. The PROject is focused primarily on their Pro Team and with some Am love as well, the new Jart videos global anticipation begins to grow.

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The PROject Full Video [13/7/2016]
Jart Skateboards presents The PROject, a new full length video featuring a diverse Jart Skateboards team.


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2016: Skateboard Movies
Jart Skateboards - The PROject full video
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Tour Footage: Skatenation in LA 2018 [21/7/2018]
In June 2018, twenty skaters lead by Tulio Oliveira, a professional skateboarder went out on a dream trip to California. On board a van, they spent 10 days exploring dozens of Los Angeles skateboarding spots, skateparks and etc.

Populist 2017: Clive Dixon [11/1/2018]
Here is the Clive Dixon Populist 2017 video.

Games: Session Trailer+Info [26/11/2017]
Session is a new skateboarding game currently on Kickstarter.

Kuba Skatepark Releases Plans [21/8/2017]
Plans and more information about the skatepark at Kuba in Oslo has been released.

7Hills Skatepark Expansion [11/7/2017]
The 7Hills Skatepark in Jordan is collecting money to expand the park.

Gjerdrum Works To Get Concrete Skatepark [22/5/2017]
Gjerdrum Betongpark got 420.000 NOK from Sparebankstiftelsen.

Element Fluff Project [26/3/2017]
Element brand presents their latest collaborative project with Fluff magazine.

Skatepark Plans In Hvalstad [13/3/2017]
A skatepark is part of the plans for a new activity park in Hvalstad.

Rideblock Skateboard Technology [20/2/2017]
Rideblock a skateboard motion tracker designed for skateboards and longboards it tracks and analyses performance metrics including tricks, speed distance, and lets you compete with friends in real time through a dedicated mobile app.

Make Life Skate Life Goes Nepal [24/1/2017]
Make Life Skate Life has launched a campaign to build an international standard skatepark with and for the youth of Nepal.

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