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The X Games is an annual event with a focus on extreme action sports. The Winter X Games are held in January or February and the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

Also known as: X Games

X Games 2016 Austin Skateboard Results and Footage
Here are the skateboarding results and footage from X Games 2016 in Austin, Texas.

Skateboard Street Amateurs:

1 Tyson Bowerbank
2 Christian Dufrene
3 Jagger Eaton
4 Marcos Montoya
5 Jake Ilardi
6 Mason Silva
7 Alex Midler
8 Zion Wright
9 JS LaPierre
10 Gabriel Fortunato
11 Hermann Stene
12 Derek Holmes

Skateboard Vert:

1 Sam Beckett
2 Moto Shibata
3 Jimmy Wilkins
4 Bucky Lasek
5 Mitchie Brusco
6 Clay Kreiner
7 Elliot Sloan
8 Bob Burnquist
9 Paul-Luc Ronchetti
10 Rony Gomes
11 Alex Perelson
12 Jono Schwan

Mens Skateboard Street:

1 Ryan Decenzo
2 Nyjah Huston
3 Ishod Wair
4 Chris Joslin
5 Ryan Sheckler
6 Louie Lopez
7 Trevor Colden
8 Chris Cole
9 Evan Smith
10 Tom Asta
11 Shane O neill
12 Curren Caples
13 Cody McEntire
14 Alec Majerus

Mens Skateboard Park:

1 Pedro Barros
2 Curren Caples
3 Chris Russell
4 Ben Hatchell
5 Ronnie Sandoval
6 Alex Sorgente
7 Kevin Kowalski
8 Greyson Fletcher
9 Trey Wood
10 Tom Schaar
11 Ben Raybourn
12 Ryan Sheckler

Womens Skateboard Street:

1 Pamela Rosa
2 Mariah Duran
3 Lacey Baker
4 Candy Jacobs
5 Samarria Brevard
6 Alexis Sablone
7 Leticia Bufoni
8 Aori Nishimura
9 Vanessa Torres
10 Julia Brueckler
11 Savannah Headden
12 Jen Soto

Womens Skateboard Park:

1 Kisa Nakamura
2 Lizzie Armanto
3 Jordyn Barratt
4 Brighton Zeuner
5 Allysha Bergado
6 Hunter Long
7 Nora Vasconcellos
8 Julz Lynn
9 Poppy Olsen
10 Nicole Hause
11 Arianna Carmona
12 Amelia Brodka

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