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Tjme Skatepark is a skatepark in Tjme, Norway

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History of the Tjme Vert Ramp
The vert ramp at Tjme Skatepark has been around. Here is a recap of its history.

The vert ramp was originally built in 2008, for the Nordic X Elements event at Bislett Stadion. It was made after the measures of Strmmen Vert Ramp, and was 9.96 meters wide, 4 meters high with 50 cm vert, and had an extension on one side. After the event the ramp was put in storage.

In 2009 it was set up again as the Bjerke Vert Ramp, to be used for the NORB NM 2009 Vert Qualification. But after being postponed three times because of rain, the event was moved to Strmmen, and the ramp was eventually taken down.

The ramp was then set up at Oslo Spektrum for the OneCall X Elements event in 2009, with an additional rollin bank. After the event it was put back in storage.

In 2010 the ramp was installed indoors again, at the new Gallanti Skatepark, where it remained for a year and a half.

After Gallanti Skatepark had to close in 2012, the vert ramp was one of the obstacles donated to Tjme Skateboardklubb. The ramp was set up at Tjme Skatepark, and the rollin drop was replaced with a loveseat.

In 2013 the park got a skatelite surface, and in 2015 the vert ramp was expanded to a width of 19.52 meters. The vert was also extended to about 60 cm, pushing the height of the ramp to a total of 4.10 meters.

Read more about Tjme Skatepark and the annual Tjme Skate Galla event.

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2016: Vert NM [7/8/2016]

2015: Tjme Skatepark [17/8/2015]

2015: Tjme Skatepark [17/8/2015]

2015: Tjme Skatepark [17/8/2015]

2015: Tjme Skatepark [17/8/2015]

2015: Tjme Skatepark [17/8/2015]

2015: Tjme Skatepark [17/8/2015]

2013: Tjme Skatepark [12/7/2013]