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Adrien Bulard is a French professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

Adrien Bulard Out of Frame Interview
Adrien Bulard has obsessive-compulsive disorder, which makes him fastidious about ordering, sequencing and structuring the world around him in order to allow him peace within himself. Its one of the things that makes him unique. It seems this same condition also gives him the focus to go all-in every time he tries a trick.


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Read the Out of Frame interview on the Red Bull website.

Red Bull - Hear Adrien Bulards story for the first time

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Adrien Bulard Transworld Interview [21/7/2018]
Alex Braza interviews Adrien Bulard for Transworld Skateboarding.

Adrien Bulard El Toro Raw [19/7/2018]
This one didnt come easy. Adrien Bulard battled this mother of all backside tailslides for over an hour, taking a head-busting slam that sent blood spilling down his face. He broke his board and had to borrow Jorge Simoes. In the end, he rolled away from a flawless back tail to straight!

Full Part: Adrien Bulard New Life Part [9/7/2018]
Jart Skateboards Adrien Bulard put it down for this part. Youve heard about the backside tailslide down El Toro, but check out all the other gnarly bangers he put down.


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