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The X Games is an annual event with a focus on extreme action sports. The Winter X Games are held in January or February and the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

Also known as: X-Games

X Games Oslo 2016 The Drug Testing Argument
Norwegian sports organisations are attacking the X Games Oslo event, due to the lack of In Competition drug testing.

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Last year Antidoping Norge expressed concern that the work againt illegal drug use was not being properly adressed at X Games events.

VG - Valgerd er dopingbekymret foran X Games i Oslo

A few weeks ago the media reported that discussions were running hot between TV2 and the sports organisations, as the television channel was refusing to drug test the athletes at the event.

Dagens Nringsliv - TV 2 nekter opptre som dopingjegere

The Norwegian skiing organisation the pulled out of the deal a few days prior to the event, because ESPN would not let them test the athletes according to WADA In Competition rules, where they look for recreational drugs such as cocain and cannabis. They did however have the opertunity to do Out of Competition tests for performance enhancing drugs, but this was not good enough.

NRK - Skiforbundet bryter X GAmes avtale med TV2

Anders Solheim, leader of Antidoping Norge even announced he might boikot the event.

Adressa - Antidopingsjefen skulle selv p X-Games, n er han ikke like sikker

Politician Hallstein Bjercke, who was in the city council when it was decided X Games was being held in Oslo, claims this is the last attempt to stop the event, from the people that have been working against it in the background all along.

Nettavisen - Hallstein Bjercke kritisk til Skiforbundets X Games-brudd

Dagbladet then attacked the event calling it a scandal.

Dagbladet - Dette showet er blitt en skandale for TV 2 og Oslo

TV2 was surprised that Skiforbunded was attacking X Games Oslo, but not other X Games events their athletes attend.

TV2 - Kaggestad forundret over Skiforbundets hylytte X Games Oslo-kritikk

ESPN still say they wont change their rules at this time, but the event has applied for financial support for next year, and Arbeiderpartiet announce that they will not support funding next years event unless the drug testing is included.

VG - Sker regjeringen om X Games-sttte neste r

Henning Andersen, one of the initiators of the event, responed to the alligations, and called for a more civil and constructive debate. He pointed out the fact that the athletes are being tested regulary outside the events, and still have to obey Norwegian laws. He also belives the organisations have been working againts the event to protect their own business model, and are using the drug testing as an excuse, when the real reason is money and control.

VG - Kronikk: Norges Skiforbund nsker kun X Games i Oslo om de har full kontroll selv

Snowboardforbundet first stood by the deal to support their athletes and .

Snowboardforbundet - Vrt syn p X Games Oslo og antidopingarbeidet

Thomas Harstad from Snowboardforbundet got furious.

VG - Rasende p antidopingsjefen etter X Games krangel

But after a meeting with Norges Idretts Forbund, Snowboardforbundet changed their mind and broke off the deal.

Adressa - Mer X Games-brk: Snowboardforbundet trekker seg fra avtalen

Apparently sticking to the agreement would have big consequences for them.

TV2 - Snowboardforbundet trekker seg fra X Games-avtalen

They later admitted that they were afraid of loosing part of the 9 million kr funding they get from NIF, after they were threatened with economic sanctions. NIF denies having talked about sanctions.

Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni does not think drug testing is nesseseary.

TV2 - Stjerne nsker ikke dopingtester under X Games

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