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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.


Michael Sommer released his Oslosommer Part.
Jeremy Leabres turned pro with Toy Machine.
Alien Workshop was re-launched.
Alana Smith won the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2015.
Make Life Skate Life built Jordans first skatepark.
Jon Cosentino wins The Boardr Am 2015 LA.
The Soul Harmonics video from Creation Skateboards premiers.


Steffen Austerheim won Grenland Games 2015.
Alex Sorgente (pro) / Bruno Passos (masters) / Poppy Olsen (girls) / Keegan Palmer (junior) won the Australian Bowl-Riding Championships 2015.
Dannie Carlsen won the ISPO Mini-Ramp Contest 2015.
Bucky Lasek (pro) and Tony Hawk (masters) won Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2015.
Jagger Eaton wins Boardr Am 2015 Houston.
Jamie Foy wins Boardr Am 2015 Tampa


Luan Oliveira won Tampa Pro 2015.
At Vert Attack 2015, Sam Beckett placed first in the Pro/Am contest, Tony Hawk took home the Masters, and Alana Smith won the womens division.


The Hockey Skateboards Promo video premiers.
Matt Berger turned pro with Flip Skateboards.
Miles Silvas turned pro with Organika Skateboards.
The Propeller video premiers.


Yoshi Tanenbaum wins Boardr Am 2015 NY
Someone probably won Horror at Holla 2015 also.
Brian Logan, Henry Hester, Duane Peters, Neil Blender, Chris Miller, John Cardiel, Robin Logan, Cara-Beth Burnside and Elissa Steamer were inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2015.
Lars Gart launches book.
Nyjah Huston wins Street League 2015 Barcelona.
Kevin Bkkel wins Nike SB Barcelona Am 2015.
Kevin Bradley and Na-kel Smith turned pro with Fucking Awesome.
Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg and Gabriel Viking wins at Betongcupen 2015 Hoor.
Luan Oliveira and Leticia Bufoni wins Far n High 2015.
Tony Hawk and friends did the Gumball Demo in Oslo.
Alana Smith, Allysha Bergado and Samarria Brevard turned pro with Hoopla Skateboards.
Enzo Cautela wins Boardr Am 2015 Las Vegas.
At the Vans Pool Party 2015 the winners were Tom Schaar (pro), Bruno Passos (masters) and Chris Miller (legends).
Jake Anderson wins Hang Up 2015.


This year was the Larvik Open Five Year Anniversary
Summer X Games 2015 in Austin was won by Pierre Luc-Gagnon (vert), Bob Burnquist (big air), Curren Caples (street), Alexis Sablone (womens street), Tyson Bowerbank (am street) and Morgan Wade/Bob Burnquist (skate/bmx doubles).
Magnus Bordewick won Bernhard Sports Invitational 2015.
The Tjme Skate Galla 2015 drew some big vert names.


Luan Oliveira won Street League 2015 Los Angeles.
Lots of fun at the Copenhagen Open 2015 in Denmark.
Cody Lockwood won the pro/am contest at Ultrabowl 2015.
Tracker relases Fourty Years of Skateboard History.
The Sour Solution video from Sour Skateboards premiers.


Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Herman Mller and Emma Fastesson Lindgren won at Betongcupen 2015 Landskrona.

The Norwegian skateboard championships, NORB NM 2015, were held in Fredrikstad, and
NORB NM 2015 Vert was held at Holla Skatepark in Ulefoss.
Herman Mller, Kalle Bergling and Krister Philgren won at Betongcupen 2015 Nynashamn
The International Federation of Roller Sports Delivers Olympic Proposal To IOC.
Leticia Bufoni won Suck My Trucks 2015.
Wacson Mass won Damn Am Costa Mesa.
The We Are Blood video premiers.
Kelvin Hoefler and Jimmy Wilkins won Dew Tour LA 2015
Michael Sommer won his Sommer Invitational 2015 contest.
Luan Oliveira won Street League 2015 New Jersey.
Jamie Mateu and Valeria Bertaccini won the Austrian Bowl Masters 2015.
Josh Douglas won Damn Am Woodward PA 2015.
Simen Karlsson, Gabriel Viking and Emma Fastesson won at Betongcupen 2015 Katrineholm.
The Sour Bootleg video from Sour Skateboards premiers.


The X Games Oslo 2016 event was announced.
Kevin Bkkel won Koigen Open 2015.
Espen Red won Old Boys NM 2015.
Blake Carpenter turned pro with Toy Machine.
Betongcupen 2015 completed the contest series.
JS Lapierre won the Am Getting Paid 2015 in Montreal, Canada.
Tim Zom won Rotterdam Pooligans 2015.
Adrien Bulard won Freestyle Den Haag.
Steffen Austerheim won Wild in the Parks 2015 Norway
Yoshi Tanenbaum won Damn Am 2015 NYC
The Brumsbanden video premiers.
Jorge Simes won Red Bull Skate Arcade 2015
The Stomping Grounds video premiers.


Jason Adams is back on Black Label Skateboards.
Dane Vaughn turned pro with DGK Skateboards.
X Games Oslo Norwegian qualifications were announced. Karsten Kleppan, Hermann Stene, Gard Hvaara and Kevin Bkkel were pre-selected for the contest.
Sam Beckett turned pro with Blind Skateboards.
The Brazilians made history at the 2015 SLS Super Crown World Championship, where rookie Kelvin Hoefler from Brazil became the first-ever SLS rookie to win both a Super Crown Championship and an SLS stop, while Leticia Bufoni became the first womens super crown champion.
Nyjah Huston, Jimmy Wilkins and Alexis Sablone wins at KDC World Championships 2015.
Danny Way broke his own highest air world record.
Octavio Barrera turned pro with Louw Skateboards
Jamie Foy from Florida won the WITP global final 2015.
Greyson Fletcher turned pro with Element Skateboards.
The Bunker Down video from Alien Workshop premiers.
The Burnside Halloween event marked the parks official 25 anniversary. Other Halloween events were; Halloween Hellride 4, Arena Halloween Jam 2015 and the Fredrikstad Halloween Jam 2015.
National Geographic publishes the book Skate The World.
LRG premiers 1947.


Cody Chapman won Lost Bowl Contest 2015.
Auby Taylor turned pro with Black Label
Raney Beres/Daniel Vargas/Cody McEntire wins at Texas Bowl Jam 2015.
Heroin Skateboards premiers Bath Salts.
Allysha Le / Alexis Sablone / Julz Lynn wins at Exposure 2015.
Otto sets Skateboarding Dog World Record.
Isle Skateboards premiers Vase.
Aurelien Giraud from Lyon, France, won Tampa Am 2015.
Pedro Barros was voted the winner of In Transition 2015.
Diego Fiorese wins Bryggeriet Street 2015.
Next years locations for the Norwegian skateboard championships were reveled to be NORB NM 2016 Stavanger, if the skatepark is finished in time, and Vert NM 2016 Tjme, since there is no vert ramp in Stavanger.
Oskar Hjellegjerde and yvind Svendsen goes to Norwegian X Games Qualification 2016 at Hst Bust 2015.
Daan van de Linden wins Pola Contest 2015.
The FireTre video premiers.


Karsten Kleppan turned pro with Skate Mental at the premier of the Chronicles III video.
Yangon in Myanmar got their first public skatepark, courtesy of Make Life Skate Life.
Sweden announces national championships for 2016.
Anthony van Engelen was choosen as Thrashers Skater of the Year 2015, after a heavy Thrasher interview and his parts in Propeller and Boys of Summer.
Gard Hvaara won the Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2015 contest, while Jonatan Draab and Johannes Sundby Aukan got invites for the Norwegian X Games Qualification 2016.
Luan Oliveira won Matriz Skate Pro in Brazil.
People exchanged guns for skateboards in Chicago.
Paul Rodriguez wins Run and Gun 2015.
Skateboard fever sweeps Tokyo.

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