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Kelly Hart is an American skateboarder.

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Kelly Hart wins SLS Trick of the Year 2015
Kelly Hart has won the Street League Skateboarding Trick of the Year 2015.


Watch the trick below.

The 🏆 2015 🏆 Trick of the Year @KellyHart blew everyones mind with this Fakie Tre Fakie Manny at the legendary West LA courthouse stage. 🙀 Since he is an SLS judge we did not have any of the SLS judges vote for Trick of the Year. Instead we hit the Agenda tradeshow to get some help with judging by Legends, Pros & Ams. 💯 The majority all agreed that Kelly's trick was the 2015 @SLStrickoftheyear. Kelly's Fakie Tre Fakie Manny also hit all of our judging criteria: Difficulty of Trick ✔️ Just to Fakie Tre up that stage is a feat in itself, but to land and hold that Fakie Manny? Style ✔️ Kelly made the trick look effortless with his signature style. Spot ✔️ A legendary spot that every Pro knows about and that very few have rolled away with as technical of a trick. Creativity ✔️ Kelly had no plan to go try that trick that day. He just went to the courthouse to have a fun skate sesh. A friend challenged him to Fakie Tre up the stage and one thing led to another. Public Vote ✔️ Hitting top 5 on the Trick of the Year site to being reposted by everyone including heavy media outlets, Pros & Legends this was the trick heard around the world in 2015. Big ups to Kelly on the win! #TrickoftheYear

En video publisert av Street League Skateboarding (@sls)

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Kelly Hart has won the Street League Skateboarding Trick of the Year 2015.

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