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The X Games is an annual event with a focus on extreme action sports. The Winter X Games are held in January or February and the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

Also known as: X Games

X Games Oslo Announces More Athletes
X Games Oslo has dropped another batch of athletes for the X Games Oslo event next year.


Karsten Kleppan, Norway
David Gonzalez, Colombia
Louie Lopez, USA
Luan Oliveira, Brasil
Ishod Wair, USA
Alana Smith, USA
Pamela Rosa, Brasil

Snowboard Big Air

Mark McMorris, USA
Sven Thorgren, Sverige
Kyle Mack, USA
Darcy Sharpe, Canada
Niklas Mattson, Sverige
Billy Morgan, Storbritannia
Lucien Koch, Sveits
Eric Willett, USA
Torgeir Bergrem, Norge
Cheryl Mass, Nederland
Anna Gasser, sterrike
Chisty Prior, New Zealand

Snowboard Halfpipe

Arthur Longo, Frankrike
Jan Scherrer, Sveits
David Habluetzel, Sveits
Christian Haller, Sveits
Danny Davis, USA
Matt Ladley, USA
Seamus O Conner, Irland
Shaun White, USA
Maddy Mastro USA
Jiayu Liu, Kina

Ski Big Air

Kaya Turski, Canada
Johanne Killi, Norge
Maggie Voisin, USA

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Karsten Kleppan was originally picked out to skate the Norwegian qualifications.But after getting the last part in Nike SB Chronicles III and going pro for Skate Mental he has been bumped up a notch, and is now one of two Norwegian skaters in the main contest.The final two skaters to skate the Norwegian qualification were picked this past weekend in Trondheim.The X Games Oslo event and first athletes was announced in September.The second wave of athletes were announced in October.

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Sources and more information in Norwegian.Budstikka did a story on Karsten Kleppan and Stle SandbechPlayboard also lists the athletes.Press release in Norwegian.See the full list of invited athletes on the ESPN website.

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