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All Girls Skate Contest

Also known as:

Exposure 2015 Results and Footage
Results and footage from the Exposure All Girls Skate Contest was held at Poods Park in Encinitas recently.



Pro Vert

1.Allysha Le
2.Amelia Brodka
3.Autumn Tust
4.Nicole Hause
5.Hunter Long
6.Katherine Folsom
7.Arianna Carmona
8.Sarah Thompson

Pro Street

1.Alexis Sablone
2.Candy Jacobs
3.Lacey Baker
4.Mariah Duran
5.Kristin Ebeling
6.Amy Caron
7.Jessica Krause
8.Vanessa Torres
9.Nika Washington
10.Nora Vasconcellos
11.Samarria Brevard
12.Annie Guglia
13.Hunter Long
14.Justyce Tabor
15.Erin Wolfkiel

Pro Bowl

1.Julz Lynn
2.Allysha Le
3.Autumn Tust
4.Sarah Thompson
5.Arianna Carmona
6.Amelia Brodka
7.Nora Vasconcellos
8.Hunter Long
9.Pauline Branom
10.Elyse Clouthier
11.Katherine J Folsom
12.Nicole Hause
13.Erin Wolfkiel
14.Justyce Tabor
15.Jessica Krause

AM 15 & Over Vert

1.Poppy Starr Olsen
2.Thais Gazarra
3.Nicole Noller
4.Cansas Burns
5.Mecu Paula Videla

AM 15 & Over Street

1.Kiana Parra
2.Meagan Guy
3.Courtney Akita
4.Kat Sy
5.Amanda Castillo
6.Fabiana Delfino
7.Kristin Perkoski
8.Christiana Smith
9.Chryssie Banfell
10.Ashley Masters
11.Laura Logue
12.Mecu Videla
14.Alysia Stevens
15.Brenna Pawley

AM 15 & Over Bowl

1.Jordyn Barratt
2.Poppy Starr Olsen
3.Hannah Chumley
4.Nicole Noller
5.Tori Preitauer
6.Tuli Lam
7.Mecu Paula Videla
8.Brianna Winter
9.Roxzi Bokolas
10.Thais Gazarra
11.Fabiana Delfino
12.Julie Westfall
13.Paige LaBare
14.Cansas Burns
15.Jessie Kudin

AM 14 & Under Vert

1.Spencer Breaux
2.Brighton Zeuner
3.Bryce Ava Wettstein
4.Rory Beaudoin
5.Sky Braun
6.Michelle Yoon
8.Ruby Trew
9.Olivia Black

AM 14 & Under Street

1.Poe Pinson
2.Emma Houle
3.Spencer Breaux
4.Devon Halliburton
5.Zoe Safanda
6.Sky Braun
7.Bryce Wettstein
8.Leah Ho
9.Michelle Yoon
11.Minna Stess
12.Clair Davis
13.Nina Eddo

AM 14 & Under Bowl

1.Brighton Zeuner
2.Bryce Ava Wettstein
3.Sky Braun
4.Zoe Safanda
5.Minna Stess
6.Spencer Breaux
7.Kody Tamanaha
8.Bella Kenworthy
9.Jordan Santana
10.Relz Murphy
11.Poe Pinson
12.Michelle Yoon
13.Charity Tahoe
14.Olivia Black
15.Clair Davis
16.Jordice French
17.Halle Gonzalez
18.Kyoto Grisnik
19.Ella Meyers

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