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Pizza Skateboards is an American skateboard Company.

Also known as:

Tour Footage: Pizza Skateboards Que Aproveche
Filmed in Barcelona Spain.


Starring Michael Pulizzi, Jesse Vieira, Taylor Bingaman, Andrew Dellas, Raul Valencia and Chuck Donnatin. Video and edit by Richard Hughes.

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Full Movie: The 5ifth Floor Video [30/6/2018]
Holy hell! If you need something to get you sparked for the weekend, hit play. This new Pizza flick, all filmed in Paris, is a non-stop assault with the whole team getting some. Slice into it!

Tour Footage: Pizza Skateboards Paris Iphone Clips [25/5/2018]
Just some raw iphone clips from Paris.

Team Update: Ducky Kovacs Pro for Pizza Full Part [12/2/2018]
Some heavy hitters made the leap from am to pro this year and Duckys a VIP member of that list. This new part is a barrage of hellacious hammers. Brace yourself.


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2015: Various
Pizza Skateboards Lef Overs Video
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