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Danny Way is an American professional skateboarder.

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Danny Way Sets New Highest Air World Record
Danny Way has set a new highest air on a skateboard world record with a 7,772 meter (25,49 ft) air on a quarterpipe.


Check out the clip with Danny Way braking the highest air world record in the Cuyamaca Mountains above San Diego.


The 256 feet long and 56 feet tall ramp, was custom designed to allow a maximum speed of 55 mph from the 85,3 feet drop-in towers.

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Danny Way got the first official high air record in 1988, with a 5 meter (16,4 ft) air. In 2003 he broken the world height and length records consecutively in one run on the mega ramp, setting the record at 7,1 meters (23,5 ft).In 2006 he took the Bomb Drop world record, with a 8.53 meter (28 ft) free fall.But he lost it again in 2013.Danny Way also broken the world speed record on skateboard in 2009, at 74 mph/119 kmh.

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Danny Way FS 5 [7/3/2018]
Danny Way does a frontside 540 in this B Roll Wednesday clip from Plan B.

BEING: Danny Way X Games Interview [30/5/2017]
His childhood marred by difficult circumstances, Danny Way was already skating with the likes of Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab as a child. He rose quickly within the scene and dropped video after video that pushed the boundaries and progressed the sport.

Danny Way Chrome Ball Interview [22/4/2017]
Chrome Ball Incident Danny Way Interview.


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2005: Interviews
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2015: Various: Show Picture
Danny Way breaks the world record for highest air on a skateboards. Photo by Guinness World Records.

0000: Danny Way: Show Picture

0000: Danny Way Skateboarding: Show Picture

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