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Mre Skatehall is an indoor skatepark in Mre og Romsdal, Norway.

Also known as: rsta Skatehall / rstad Skatepark / rsta Indoor Skatepark / rsta Skatepark

Hovden To Get Indoor Skatepark
rstad Brettklubb are raising money to open a 100 square meter indoor skatepark with a miniramp and a microramp.

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Nrnett - Skatehall i Hovden mbelfabrikk (via

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Movie Monday at Mre Skatehall [9/1/2019]
MovieMonday 07.01.19

XSkate 2017 Live #2 [25/4/2017]
XFestival reporter Kristians checks out the XSkate event.

XSkate 2017 Live #1 [25/4/2017]
A live stream clip from the XSkate event.


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2016: Mre Skatehall
Kan vr reporter skate? from Nrnett
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2016: Mre Skatehall
Mre skatehall (Promo haust 2016) from Mats Riise
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2015: Mre Skatehall
Mre Skatehall opnar 28.november
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2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Møre Skatehall Closed Poster

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
XSkate at X2 Festival Flyer

2016: Mre Skatehall: Show Picture
Equipment available at Mre Skatehall.

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X2 Festival 2017 Skate Promo [11/4/2017]
The X2 Festival has put out a promo clip for the skate contest at Mre Skatehall.

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2016: Mre Skatehall [26/6/2016]

2015: Mre Skatehall [12/2/2016]