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Norwegian skateboard championships for the older skaters.

Also known as: Old Boys Skateboard NM / Old Boys Skate NM / Old Boys NM

Old Boys NM 2015 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from this years Norwegian old boys skateboard championships.


Watch some highlights in the mashup below.

Below is one hour of raw unedited footage from the event.



1. Tore Westre
2. Eirik Ellefsen
3. Remi Jakobsen


1. Espen Red
2. Geir Myrind
3. Tommy Aase
4. Tommy Jrgensen
5. Philip Skaug


1. Eirin Aaseth


1. Espen Red

Longest Grind:

1. Tommy Aase

Most Power:

1. Eirin Aaseth


1. Street Legs(?) (Team; Geir Myrind and others)


Check out some screencaps below.

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Old Boys NM 2018 Footage [29/11/2018]
Nicolai Mathisen made a video from the Norwegian old boys championships at Nstedhallen Skatepark.

Old Boys NM 2018 Results and Footage [15/11/2018]
Old Boys NM 2018 results and footage.

Old Boys NM 2018 [7/10/2018]
This years Norwegian Old Boys skateboard championship is being held at Nstedhallen in Drammen, on Saturday, November 10, 2018.


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2015: Jordal Skatepark
Old Boys Skateboard NM 2015 Oslo Norway
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2014: Old Boys NM
Old Boys NM | Bowl | Tommy Jrgensen
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2014: Old Boys NM
Old Boys NM | Bowl | Tommy Aase
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2017: Old Boys NM: Show Picture
Partisipants in Skien.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Old Boys Skateboard NM Poster.

2016: Old Boys NM: Show Picture
Old Boys NM in Larvik. Photo by John-Andre Moldestad / Moldestad Photography.

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Here is our footage and the results from the Norwegian Old Boys Skateboard championships held at Voldslkka last month.

Oldboys Skateboard NM Moves To Voldslkka [14/10/2010]
The norwegian skateboard championships for old boys has been moved to Voldslkka Skatepark in Oslo. Here is th updated information.

Oldboys Skateboard NM 2010 [4/10/2010]
The unofficial Norwegian skateboard championship for old farts is being arraned this weekend. Here is some information about the event.

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