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SK8MAFIA is a San Diego based skateboard company.

Also known as:

Sk8Mafias Southwest Hemiz Tour 2015 Footage
Here is some footage from the Sk8Mafia Southwest Hemiz Tour.


Check out the clip featuring; Wes Kremer, Stephen Lawyer, Jimmy Cao, Brandon Turner, and many more..

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Sk8Mafia Sorrento Ditch Sesh 2016 [11/12/2018]
Sorrento Ditch sesh 2016

Team Update: Sk8mafia Pro Stephen Lawyer [4/11/2018]
Stephen Lawyer has turned pro with Sk8mafia.

Commercial: Stephen Lawyer Sk8Mafia OG Camo Tee [24/7/2017]
Stephen ripping it up at Poods in the OG CAMO TEE Available now at


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2015: Tour Videos
SK8Mafias Southwest Hemiz Tour Video from Thrasher Magazine.
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2013: Tour Videos
Sk8Mafia | GoPro - Mindless Travels: Tyler Surrey - Take a trip thru Europe with Tyler Surrey and his Gopro. Featuring: Tyler Surrey, Shuriken Shannon, Wes Kremer, Ben Hatchell, Tristan Grijalbo, Daniel Spangs, Alva, Hugo, and Marius Syvanen. #nichi #sk8mafia Edited by Dan Connelly
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2011: Trailers and Clips
The Sk8mafia Video Trailer
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Go Fish:

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Commercial: Independent x SkateMafia [18/5/2019]
Independent Trucks x Sk8Mafia capsule collection available now at your local skateshop or NHS Fun Factory.

Full Part: Alexis Ramirez for Sk8Mafia [15/4/2019]
Whether were talking ledge wizardry or double black-diamond handrails, Alexis handles it all with style and ease. This is a heavy-duty video part. Big ups to the Sk8Mafia.

Full Part: Alexis Ramirez Sk8Mafia TWS Part 2019 [1/4/2019]
Alexis Ramirez SK8MAFIA TWS Part 2019.

Sk8mafia 2016 Video Alexis Ramirez Part [31/12/2016]
Here is Alexis Ramirez part from the sk8mafia video.

Sk8mafia 2016 Video Stephen Lawyer Part [31/12/2016]
Here is Stephen Lawyer part from the sk8mafia video.

Sk8mafia 2016 Video Jamie Palmore Part [31/12/2016]
Here is Jamie Palmores part from the sk8mafia video.

Sk8mafia 2016 Video Wes Kremer Part [31/12/2016]
Here is Wes Kremers part from the sk8mafia video.

The Sk8mafia Video 2016 [17/12/2016]
The latest Sk8mafia video is now available online.

Companies: Peter Smolik starts Pillage [19/9/2016]
Peter Smolik is quitting MNC to start another brand.

Sk8mafia Video 2016 Teaser [4/8/2016]
The New SK8MAFIA Video 2016 drops Mid August 2016.

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2012: Event Flyers [29/8/2012]

2009: Event Flyers [3/6/2009]