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Amsterdam Skateboard Trip 2015
Here is a short recap and some pictures from our skate trip to Amsterdam this summer.

We traveled with KLM from Oslo on Friday, and arrived in Amsterdam late in the evening. After checking in to our hotel, conveniently located within walking distance from the Marnix Bowl, we went downtown to get a bit to eat, before calling it a night.

Saturday the weather was not on our side, as Netherlands got hit by the most severe July storm ever recorded (external), so when the winds calmed down later on we spent the day shopping and sight seeing in the city.

Sunday the weather was looking good, and after a quick breakfast we headed over for a session at the Marnix Bowl.

On our way home we took a detour to visit the DIY Skatepark, wich seems to have been removed due to development of the area. We also visited the Zaandammerplein Skate Spot, and had a fun 10 minute session there.

As we headed back to the hotel we were hit by the first drops of rain, and it was time for another trip downtown to eat pancakes for dinner. After more shopping, sights and looking at cars smashed by trees during the storm (external), night came creeping and it was time to head back to the hotel.

Sunday the weather was a bit unstable, so we cancelled the planned trip to Bijlmer Skatepark, and took the ferry across the channel for some skatespot sighting instead. Our primary target was the M&M Bowl, but it managed to elude us by hiding within a festival area being setup. We did however visit some other parks and spots, such as the old asphalt snakerun, the Converse DIY Skatepark and others.

We also got to see some more of the city.

As the daylight faded we headed out to the airport and boarded our plane back to Oslo, knowing one day we would be back to skate the bowls that rained away from us this time around.

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2015: Amsterdam: Show Picture
Leaving Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015: Amsterdam: Show Picture
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015: Amsterdam: Show Picture
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]

2015: Amsterdam [26/8/2015]