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The Bright tradeshow has established itself to a constant venue for streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsport in Europe.

Also known as: The Bright Tradeshow / Brigth Tradeshow

Bright Trade Show 2015 Recap
Here is some contest footage and awards results from this years Bright Trade Show in Berlin.

Smoke on the Water

The official Bright opening party, DCs Smoke on the Water event, with Mikey Taylor, Wes Kremer, Evan Smith, and Madars Apse handing out more than 5000 for a best trick contest.

Non-Serious Skateboard Bowl Contest

The BRIGHT XXI closing partys "non-serious bowl competition" featured riders like Daan van der Linden, Hugo Boserup, Patrick Rogalski, and Farid Ulrich, going nuts in the bowl

Bright European Skateboard Awards

The fourth annual Bright European Skateboard Awards was the first time with public voting.

Skate-aid award: Skateboarding Society of Kenya (5 000 euro) Videographer of the year: Niki Waltl 3 000 euro to produce a exclusive clip for Red Bulls skateboarding channel)
Magazine of the year: Kingpin
Website of the year: Live Skateboarding Media
Brand of the year: Polar Skate Co.
Shop of the year: Lockwood
Photographer of the year: DVL
Clip of the year: Phil Zwijsen in Time Chase
Video of the year: Endless Bummer by Palace
Rookie of the year: Daan van der Linden
Kingpin European Skateboarder of the year: Madars Aps

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