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Skate Lines is a skateboarding game.

Also known as: Skate Lines 2

New Norwegian Skateboard Game
Skate Lines 2 is a new Norwegian game coming for iPhone and Android in early 2016.


Check out the teaser below.

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Visit the official website.Playboard did an interview with the Developer.

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Skate Lines 2 Rebranded Skate City [27/1/2017]
Agens have announced that they have rebranded Skate Lines 2 as Skate City, and are co-developing the game with Altos Adventure developer Built By Snowman.

Skate Lines 2 Funding and New Teaser [9/3/2016]
The Norwegian skateboard games Skate Lines 2 got 500.000 kr in funding from Norsk Filminstitutt, and is coming for iOS and Android in the summer of 2016. Here is the latest teaser.

New Norwegian Skateboard Game [2/7/2015]
Skate Lines 2 is a new Norwegian game coming for iPhone and Android in early 2016.


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2016: Trailers and Clips
Skate Lines Teaser
Play This Video

2015: Trailers and Clips
Skate Lines 2 Teaser
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Go Fish:

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Hull To Become UKs First Skate City [20/2/2017]
Hull aims to become the first skate city in the UK, and will consider skateboading for all new public spaces and buildings where skateboarding can happen safely, rather than work to stop it.

How skateboarders are joining the urban mainstream [28/4/2015]
Skating bans and defensive architecture are increasingly giving way to a realisation of the positive role skateboarding can play in education, entrepreneurship and community cohesion.

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