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Playboard was a Norwegian magazine.

Also known as: Playboard Norway / Playboard Norge

Playboard Cuts Number Of Issues
As Playboard #72 hits the stores, the magazine announces that it will cut down to two larger issues each year, and supplement it with an updated website.

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Playboard Shuts Down [25/4/2017]
Playboard has announced that they are shutting down both the magazine and the website.

New Playboard Out [13/12/2016]
The latest issue of the Norwegian skateboard magazine Playboard is now out.

The future of skateboarding? [5/8/2016]
Pekka looks at the direction skateboarding is taking in this article from Playboard issue 63.


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2014: Magazines: Show Picture
Cover of Playboard Magazine issue 69, featuring Magnus Bordewick.

2012: Advertisments: Show Picture
Playboard Magazine Subsricption Ad.

2011: Websites: Show Picture
New website in December.

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The New Oslo Skateshop [12/4/2013]
A brand new Oslo Skateshop opens its doors next week. Here is some information.

The Big List of Skateboard Magazines [5/2/2012]
A work in progress, but here is a list of skateboarding magazines from around the world.

Globes Journey To Valhalla Norway Footage [29/8/2011]
Last month the Globe team were in Norway as part of their Journey To Valhalla tour. Here is some footage from the visit.

Espen Red With Flip [28/2/2010]
Espen Red is now riding for Flip Skateboards in Norway. Here is some information on the involved parties.

Team Update: Fourstar Clothing [28/2/2010]
Thomas Kahlbom is on the Norwegian Fourstar team along with Sebastian Rafen and Tom Erik Ryen. Here is some information.

Team Update: Celsius Boots [28/2/2010]
Sondre Hylland and Martin Skogholt are on the Norwegian Celsius Boots team. Here is some information.

Antiz Oldies Goldies Session 2009 Footage [14/8/2009]
Last month the Antiz team hosted an open session at Hausmania in Oslo, Norway. Here is some photage from the event.

Session Snowteam 2009 [15/11/2008]
Here is some information on the Session Snowteam and the riders that will be sporting Session in 2009.

The Shop Team 2008 [14/11/2008]
The Shop has a skateboard and snowboard team. Here is some information on the team riders this year.

Below are pictures that might be related, just not properly connected yet.

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