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Quasi Skateboards is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Mother Collective [old name]

Chad Bowers Starts Mother Collective
Former Alien Workshop team manager Chad Bowers has started a new company with Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe and Gilbert Crockett on the team.

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Al Davis On Quasi [16/3/2017]
Quasi Skateboards has welcomed Al Davis to the team.

Team Update: Quasi Skateboards [22/12/2015]
Dick Rizzo and Josh Wilson have been added to the Quasi Skateboards team.

Mother Becomes Quasi [2/8/2015]
Mother Collective has changed its name to Quasi Skateboards.


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2015: Advertisments: Show Picture
Dick Rizzo for Quasi

2015: Advertisments: Show Picture
Josh Wilson for Quasi

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