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Planned skatepark at Grorud Idrettsbane.

Also known as: Oslo Skatepark / Grorud Skatepark

Haugenhallen Skatepark Could Be Ready In 2017
Only details remains, and the new Haugenhallen Skatepark could be aready in 2017.


26,7 million kroner has been granted for the new skatepark and motor center, that will replace Haugenstua Skatepark and Osloungdommens Motorsenter p Haugenstua.The project got some help from politcian Carl I Hagen.The indoor skatepark is part of Oslo Kommunes new skateboard plan.

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Wants to speed up Haugenhallen Skatepark [2/5/2016]
The councilor for culture, sports and volunteer activities, Rina Mariann Hansen, visited Haugenstua Skatepark to meet with local politicians and try to speed up the sports facilities in Oslo, including Haugenhallen.

No progress for Haugenhallen Skatepark [20/4/2016]
Two years after the money was granted, the construction of the new Haugenhallen is still pending a plan to realise the project within budget, since the original plan was stopped after an analysis showed it would cost a lot more than the budget.


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2016: Haugenstua Skatepark: Show Picture
Politicians at Haugenstua Skatehall. Photo by OMS.

2014: Haugenhallen: Show Picture
Illustration of Haugenhallen in Oslo, Norway, by Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor.

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