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Norwegian skateboard championships for the older skaters.

Also known as: Old Boys Skateboard NM / Old Boys Skate NM / Old Boys NM

Old Boys NM 2014 Results and Footage
Here are results, footage and a short recap of the Norwegian old boys vert and bowl championships held at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo on Go Skateboarding Day.


Check out some of the highlights below, or go to the full collection of Old Boys Skateboard NM 2014 videos for more.



1. Geir Myrind
2. Espen Red
3. Jan Thore Nilsen
4. Philip Skaug
4. Freddy Kjernet
4. Tommy Aase
4. Martin Haavde
4. Joachim Wang
4. Kristian
4. Tommy Jrgensen
4. Fritjof Krogvold
5. Marius (dns)


1. Espen Red
2. Martin Haavde
3. Kyrre Riksen
4. Jarle Grimsland
5. Jan Thore Nilsen (dns)

Best Slam Award:

1. Jan Thore Nilsen

Oldest Trick Award:

1. Jarle Grimsland

Pictures and Recap

The bowl jam ended up lasting over one hour, and there was a lot of great skating. Below is a short recap with some pictures. More screencaps and other pics available from the albums below.

A few drops of rain came down just before the contest was about to begin, but it soon passed and the sun even made some apperances troughout the day.

Philip Skaug from Ramp Service showed that he cant just build bowls, he can skate them to. Tricks included; layback grind to tail, layback backside tailslide, backside disaster, fakie disaster, frontside disaster, madonna and sweeper.

Philip Skaug Frontside Layback Grind To Tail

Joachim Wang took some time away from the microphone and taking photos to skate a few runs and stuck; early grab frontside air, rock to fakie and rock n roll.

Joachim Wang Frontside Grind

Kristian threw in some 50-50 grinds, rock n roll and a nosestall to fakie.

Kristian Nosestall To Fakie.

Tommy Jrgensen landed things like; frontside ollie, frontside air, rock n roll, frontside smith grind, early grab backside air, lien air and frontside boneless.

Tommy Jrgensen Frontside Boneless

Tommy Aase might not be running anymore, but still know how to skate. frontside smith grind, frontside smith grind revert, backside disaster, pivot to fakie and halfcab.

Tommy Aase Frontside Smith Grind.

Freddy Kjernet was speedy as usual, and even if he might have been unhappy with not getting his frontside 50-50 grind all the way trought the corner, as seen in Randomz, he could still have claimed the longest grind award, had there been one. Other tricks included; backside 50-50 grind, 5-0 grind, frontside smith grind and a frontside lip slide trough the long corner.

Freddy Kjernet Long Frontside 50-50 Grind

Haflway trough the session, vert skater Martin Haavde could not resist the temptation anymore, and joined the jam with; frontside rock n roll, pivot to fakie, feeble grind to fakie, rock n roll, boardslide to fakie, frontside tailslide, hurricane grind, backside 50-50 grind to fakie and a fakie nosepick to fakie.

Martin Haavde Fakie Nosepick To Fakie

Jan Thore Nilsen launched himself over the spine several times, eventually making a backside nosebone, and earning himself the award for best slam in the process. He also made some other tricks, such as; frontside rock n roll, alley-oop fakie 50-50 grind, frontside tailslide, backside tailslide, pivot to fakie, blunt rock to fakie, backside disaster and tailslide

Jan Thore Nilsen Backside Tailslide

Espen Red pulled out a lot of his lip tricks out of his big bag, to earn him second place. Some of the things that went down were; frontside tailslide revert, backside disaster revert, frontside disaster, backside blunt, feeble grind transfer over the spine, 50-50 grind, backside tailstall revert, frontside ollie into the bank and a 360 shuv-it on the bank, frontside tailslide, switch frontside rock n roll, halfcab into the bank and loads of presicion frontside ollies, sometimes slapping the tail, or landing them into a smith stall.

Espen Red Frontside Tailslide

This years Old Boys Bowl Champion Geir Myrind was on fire, and pleased both audience and judges with a mixture of speed, technical tricks and high airs. Some of the things that he landed were; frontside ollie into the bank, frontside ollie from the kicker to the miniramp, rock n roll, feeble grind to fakie, frontside lip slide, backside 5-0 grind to fakie, frontside smith grind, frontside tailslide, frontside tailslide revert, backside ollie, backside air, backside disaster, frontside lipslide, fakie disaster, noseblunt, 50-50 grind to fakie, backside tailslide, frontside ollie, frontside tailslide revert and a frontside lipslideto smith grind revert.

Geir Myrind Frontside Lipslide to Smith Grind Revert

Fritjof Krogvold came to late for the bowl contest, and just got in one or two runs, while Marius had to leave for the studio before it even started.

After the bowl contest the bbq was ready, and many used the break to get a bite to eat with their beers.

BBQ and beer.

The vert contest was also held as a jam, lasting about 20 minutes.

Jan Thore Nilsen did not skate, thus placing fifth, leaving them with only four partisipant. So they decided to allow a couple of kids that were hanging around to join the session.

Audun Mehl Frontside Air

Jarle Grimsland came fourth, landing early grab backside air, early grab indy air, doing some super sketchy high speed reverts on the flat and frontside powerslides up by the coping, that also earned him the oldest trick award.

Jarle Grimsland frontside powerslide.

Martin Haavde threw in some nice tricks; backside air, frontside air, nosegrab to fakie, japan air to fakie, frontside nosepick, feeble grind to fakie, hurricane grind and a stalefish.

Martin Haavde Stalefish.

Kyrre Riksen skated well and took second place with; frontside air, invert, indy air, alley-oop mute air, frontside crail grind, andrecht invert, air to fakie, backside air and frontside boneless.

Kyrre Riksen Andrecht Invert.

Seems Espen Red had saved a little something for the vert contest, going high and landing loads of tricks. Backside air, frontside crailslide revert, halfcab, slob air, lien air, frontside tailslide revert, backside ollie, alley-oop mute air, backside tailgrab, halfcab rock to fakie, backside blunt and caballerial.

Espen Red Slob Air.

A short wait later it was time to hand out the awards.

After the prizes were handed out, people hung out at Jordal Skatepark for a while before moving on to the afterparty, that had to be relocated later in the evening.

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