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Annual skateboarding award.

Also known as: Bright Awards / Bright Skateboarding Awards / European Skateboarding Awards

Bright European Skateboard Awards 2013
The second annual Bright European Skateboard Awards ceremony will take place in Berlins Babylon Kino, on Thursday, January 17, 2013.


Skate-Aid Charity Award:

LSD DIY Park Russia

Web Edition of the Year:

A Brief Glance //
The DC Embassy //
Live Skateboard Media //
Place Online //
Soma Online //

Shop of the Year:

For The City - Barcelona, Spain
Lost Art - Liverpool, UK
Nozbone - Paris, France
Slam City Skates - London, UK
Welcome - Madrid, Spain

Cover of the Year:

Check the entries here
A Brief Glance (Italy) Issue 10 December 2011 Simone Bertozzi by Davide Biondani.
Beach Brother (France) Issue 59 March/April 2012 0 Greyson Fletcher by Affif Bellakdar.
Dank (Norway) Issue 4 Spetmber 2012 Eirik Svensen by Jrn Aagaard.
Giftorm (Sweden) Issue 51 May 2012 Christian Sandell by Jonas Adolfsson.
Grey (UK) Issue 10 - Sept 2012 Gavin Morgan by Henry Kingsford.
Kingpin (Europe) Issue 103 July 2012 - Sami Miettinen by Percy Dean.
Limited (Germany) Issue 105 Nov/December 2011 - Sabrina "Puse" Gggel by Thomas Gentsch.
Monster Skateboard Magazine (Germany) Issue 312 July 2012 Roland Hirsch by Henrik Biemer.
Place (Germany) Issue 37 November 2012 Ben Raybourn by Henrik Biemer.
Sidewalk (UK) Issue 191 August 2012 Tom Penny by Chris Johnson.
Soma (France) Issue 27 Feb/March 2012 Remy Taveira & Oscar Candon by David Turakiewicz.
Sugar (France) Issue 135 April 2012 Axel Cruysberghs by Eric Antoine.
Surge (Portugal) Issue 16 Sept/October 2012- Art by Adrian Blanca.
Uno (Spain) Issue 55 April 2012 Marcos Gomez by Gerard Riera.

Photographer of the Year:

Sam Ashley
Henry Kingsford
Davy Van Laere
Marcel Veldman
Nils Svensson

Videographer of the Year:

Pontus Alv The Polar Skate Co. Promo
Ludovic Azemar - Color your Memories
Henry Edwards-Wood Slam Citys City of Rat
Eduardo Munoz DC Europes Where EU at?
Federico Vitetta Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Pretty Sweet

Brand of the Year:

Magenta Skateboards
Palace Skateboards
Perus Crew
Polar Skate Co.
Sweet Skateboards

Video Feature of the Year:

Madars Apse - Future Nature - Element Skateboards
Madars Apse - Where EU at? - DC Shoe Co.
Jesus Fernandez - Pretty Sweet- Girl & Chocolate Skateboards
Josef Scott Jatta - Where EU at? - DC Shoe Co.
Christoph "Willow" Wildgruber- 5 Incher - Almost Skateboards

Rookie of the Year:

Oscar Candon
Remy Taveira
Tom Knox
Thaynan Costa
Fernando Bramsmark

Kingpin European Skateboarder of the Year:

Youness Amrani
Madars Apse
Eniz Fazliov
Jesus Fernandez
Nassim Guammaz
Josef Scott Jatta
Ben Nordberg
Ben Raemers
Bastien Salabanzi
Christoph Willow Wilgruber

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2013: Bright European Skateboard Awards
Madars Apse won the title of best european skater in the bright awards! by The DC Embassy.
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Bright European Skateboard Awards

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Bright European Skateboard Awards

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