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Bones Bearings is an american company.

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Tour Footage: Bones Bearings Florida Trip 2012
The Bones Bearings team went on a trip to Florida last year. Here is some footage.


Check out the clip below, featuring Torey Pudwill, Boo Johnson, Tony Manfre, Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Kenny Anderson, Justin Strubing, Andrew Cannon, Chad Bartie, Steven Reeves, Andrew Langi, Jordan Hoffart, Ben Hatchell, Luis Tolentino, Corey Duffel, Jake Johnson, Joel Meinholz, Danny Fuenzalida, Mark Del Negro and Evan Smith.

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Tyler Thomas for Bones Bearings [19/7/2018]
One minute of raw east coast street skating with Tyler Thomas!

Commercial: JP Souza For Bones Bearings [6/7/2018]
Brasilian ripper JP Souza talks about why he skates Bones Swiss Bearings then puts them to use at Cherry Park in the LBC.

Team Update: Jahmir Brown on Bones Bearings [21/4/2018]
Coming straight out of the streets of Philadelphia we welcome Jahmir Brown to the team.


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Roberto Aleman for Bones Bearings [7/3/2018]
Roberto Aleman skating Bones Swiss Bearings to help keep his speed on the brick terrain of some Barcelona spots.

Jamie Foy for Bones Bearings [16/12/2015]
Jamie Foy throws down some tricks in this clip for Bones Bearings.

Damn Am Award 2012 Results [13/1/2013]
Here are the results from the 2012 Damn Am Awards.

Toreay Pudwill with Nixon [16/11/2011]
Nixon has announced the addition of pro skater Torey Pudwill to the Nixon team. Here is the press release.

Dennis Busenitz on Bones [16/9/2011]
Bones Swiss Bearings has welcomed Dennis Busenitz to the team. Here is some information.

Tour Footage: Bones Wheels in Dubai 2010 [1/11/2010]
The Bones skateboarding team went on a trip to Dubai. Check out some footage from the tour right here.

Scandinavia Open 2003 Results and Footage [31/12/2004]
Here are results and footage from the 2003 Scandinavia Open contest.

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