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Epic Events is a company arranging extreme sport events.

Also known as: Snowboardtrener [old name]

Ski and Boardexpo 2012
Epic Events is setting up a course and arranging a contest for snowboarders and skiers, and Session is setting up a skatepark for the skaters, at the Ski and Board Expo in Lillestrm.


Check out the flyers for more information.


The even is held in Lillestrm at Norges Varemesse.

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Bigairbag Battle at Tnsbergmessa 2017 [28/4/2017]
Rune Lundsr invites to a Bigairbag Battle at Tnsbergmessa Saturday May 6th, 2017.

Tnsberg Bigairbag Battle 2016 Course [7/5/2016]
The Big Air course has been up for a few days at Tnsbergmessen.

Tnsberg Bigairbag Battle 2016 [26/4/2016]
Epic Events is arranging a Bigairbag skateboard contest at Messafestivalen on Saturday, May 7, 2016.


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2011: Various
Epic Big Air Tnsbergmessen by Sven Erik Lysell
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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bigairbag Battle 2017 Poster.

2016: Various: Show Picture
Big Air at Tnsbergmessen. Photo by Epic Events.

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tnsberg Bigairbag Battle Poster

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Epic Events in 2012 [27/11/2011]
Epic Events has another great lineup of events planned for this season. Here is the information.

Oldboys Snowboard NM 2011 [14/3/2011]
The eight annual Norwegian old boys snowboard championships are being held at Geilo soon. Here is some information about the event.

32 Camp Railjam Results [20/12/2010]
During the 32 Camp at Geilo earlier this month, Epic Boardshop hosted a 32 Railjam downtown. Here are the results from the event.

ThirtyTwo Snowboard Camp in Geilo [31/10/2010]
Epic Events and ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots are arranging a camp in Geilo in December. Here is some information.

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2016: Various [7/5/2016]

2011: X Elements Winter [1/5/2011]

2010: Event Flyers [31/10/2010]

2011: Event Flyers [8/10/2010]