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The Cyclone Skatepark was a private skatepark in Oslo, Norway. It is now gone!

Also known as: Cyclone Miniramp / The Cyclone Office

Go Skateboarding Day 2012 DC Norway Office Footage
Go Skateboarding Day makes for an extra long lunch at the Norwegian DC Office.


Featuring; Dan Stene, Marcus Shaw, Jonathan Arnestad and Carl Edvard Heisholdt.

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Bjarne Tjtta Legend Line at Cyclone Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Bjarne Tjtta recreates a Dylan Rieder line from A Time To Shine in this Legend Line clip from Cyclone.

Henning Braaten Legend Line at Cyclone [1/12/2012]
Henning Braaten recreates a Mike Carroll line from the Modus Operandi video at the Cyclone Skatepark.

DC Office with Jonathan Arnestad [1/12/2012]
Jonathan Arnestad at the Cyclone Skatepark.


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