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Also known as: Gulating Lagmansrett

Gulating Lagmansrett Bans Skateboarding
The new Gulating court building in Bergen has become a popular skatespot, but fearing injuries they have put up a sign banning skateboarding from the stairs.


The sign at Gulating Lagmansrett in Bergen has been put up by the main entrance, and bans skateboarders from the stairs.

The area below however, belongs to the municipality and is not affected by the ban.

Also there are no guards or anything to prevent skateboarding after business hours.

The reason for the ban is the fear that people going to court will be injured by people skating, and also that the skating will increase the need for repairs.

The building that was officially opened 2. November 2011 was drawn by Terje Grnmo Arkitekter. They also drew Oslo Rdhus and Oslo Tinghus, two well known skatespots in Oslo.

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