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Enjoi is a skateboarding company making skateboard decks, accessories and clothing.

Also known as: enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Highest Ollie 2011 Final Results
Here are the final results from this summers Enjoi Highest Ollie contest in Norway.


Stian Bakke, Bergen 101 cm
Patrick Hallen, Narvestad 87 cm
Vi Duc Truong, lesund 87 cm
Kenneth Aker, lesund 85 cm
Eric Ombler, Oslo 80 cm
Georg Inge Torkilsen, Kristiansand 79 cm
Brd Larsen, Saga Nesodden 78
rjan Solberg, Arendal 78 cm
Theodor Tjershaugen, Sarpsborg 72 cm
Marcus Prven, Saga Nesodden 70 cm
Henning Granne Andresen, Ski 57 cm

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  • Enjoi Highest Ollie 2011

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