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Osiris Shoes is a company making pro designed and endorsed footwear.

Also known as: Osiris Footwear [alternative title]

Osiris South American Tour 2011
Back in July the Osiris skate team visted Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Colombia. Here is footage from the tour.


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Corey Duffel, Caswell Berry, JT Aultz, Taylor Bingaman, and Alexandre Massotti

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Team Update: Osiris [13/10/2016]
Peter Smolik and Tyrone Olson is now back on Osiris.

The Osiris Experience 2013 Results and Footage [8/7/2013]
Here are results and footage from The Osiris Experience at Mystic Skatepark in Prague.

Osiris in Panama 2013 Footage [22/4/2013]
Taylor Bingaman, Chad Bartie and Leticia Bufoni went to Panama for a weekend to skate a demo in Panama. Here is the footage.


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1999: Tour Videos
Osiris Euro Tour 1999
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2013: Tour Videos
Osiris Weekend In Las Vegas: Corey Duffel, JT Aultz, and Chad Bartie made their way out to Las Vegas recently for the inaugural Zappos Rideshop event. It was a great success and we hope to see everyone back next time! Also a big thanks to Zac Barkley and the rest of the Zappos team!
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2013: Commercials
Osiris Shoes Introduces "The Convert".
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2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Osiris Riding the North Tour Flyer Spain.

2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Jamie Palmore on Osiris Shoes.

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Osiris Shoes welcomes Ryan Nyquist.

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Jamcouver 2013 Results and Footage [8/9/2013]
Back in August, skateboarders and music fans joined forces at Sunset Beach, in a joint fundraising effort for the Jamcouver Cultural Society and A Better Life Foundation.

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2009: Advertisments [11/10/2009]

2007: Advertisments [11/10/2009]