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Larvik Open is an annual skateboard contest in Larvik, Norway.

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Larvik Open 2011 Results and Footage
The official opening of the new skatepark in Larvik was held recently. Here is some footage and results.


Senior Street:

1. Didrik Galasso
2. Hermann Stene
3. Gard Hvaara

Junior Street:

1. Jens Lund
2. Aleksander Mortensen
3. Christoffer Hjelmtvedt
4. Christer Kulbeck

Senior Bowl:

1. Hermann Stene
2. Didrik Galasso
3. Bjarne Tjtta

Junior Bowl:

1. Mats Hatlem
2. Tonje Pedersen
3. Antoman Ask

Game of Skate:

1. Hermann Stene

Best Trick:

1. Hermann Stene

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Footage from the event.

Larvik Open 2011 Footage
Larvik Open 2011 Footage #2

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