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Also known as: Ammo

AmmoUSA Surplus Company
Felix Arguelles has started a company called AmmoUSA, and started putting together a skateboarding team. Here is some information.


Check out the welcome videos below.

Team Riders

The following skaters have been welcomed to the Ammo team so far.

  • Manny Santiago
  • Javier Nunez
  • Felix Arguelles

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  • AmmoUSA
  • Skateboarding

    External Links

    Check out the official website.


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    Manny Santiago Quits Ammo [17/6/2016]
    Manny Santiago has announced his departure from the Ammo team.

    Ammo Miami Tour 2012 Footage [12/4/2012]
    The Ammo team went on trip to Miami to host Bum Rush the Spot and drop the MIA skateshop x *AMMO* collaboration. Here is the footage.

    Ammo Puerto Rico Tour 2011 Footage [20/1/2012]
    The Ammo team went to Puerto Rico to spread the word, film and hold the first annual Prince of Puerto Rico contest. Here is a glimpse into the experience.


    Watch the latest related videos below, or go to the full collection of videos.

    2011: Tour Videos
    Ammo - Yo *Ammo* Puerto Rico Tour 2011.
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    2011: Commercials
    Manny Santiago finishes with the 3rd of 3 videos released from the *TROOP* to support the *AMMO* "FACETIME" series. His effortless nollie heelflip to boardslide is just a cherry on top of the amazing year he has had. These skateboards are available now for a limited time and definitely a collectors piece!
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    2011: Commercials
    Last year we came up with the idea to merge the "Make A Wish" logo with the *AMMO* logo and we made these tees.
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