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Press Release: Advancing Skatepark Advocacy
The Tony Hawk Foundation has hired Peter Whitley to lead their skatepark programs. Here is the press release with some information on the update.

Tony Hawk (Left) and Executive Director Miki Vuckovich (Right) welcome Programs Director Peter Whitley (Center) to the THF team. Whitley's decade of skatepark work makes him a critical resource for skatepark advocates across the U.S. (Photo: Jaimie Muehlhausen)

2/28/11 (Vista, CA) The Tony Hawk Foundation has hired premier skatepark advocate Peter Whitley as its Programs Director. With nearly a decade of work promoting skatepark development, most notably as Co-Founder and former Director of Skaters For Public Skateparks and author of the Public Skatepark Development Guide, Whitley brings tremendous experience and a new perspective to THF.

"Peter embodies everything we try to accomplish with our foundation," says THF President Tony Hawk. "His pragmatic, passionate approach to public skateparks is exactly what we need in a Programs Director. I look forward to working with him."

In 2005 Whitley led his hometown of Tacoma, Washington through the process of developing a system of public skateparks, converting blighted urban parks into pedestrian-friendly skate areas. The Tacoma experience has become a model that continues to inspire community leaders across the U.S.

"It is a privilege and an honor to join the Tony Hawk Foundation," says Whitley. "I am thrilled to have this opportunity to support skatepark-advocacy groups directly, and to continue to raise awareness about the power of skateboarding. It's vital work and I'm thrilled to be involved."

As Director of Skaters For Public Skateparks, Whitley synthesized the experiences of hundreds of other skatepark advocates to create the Public Skatepark Development Guidethe 128-page manual that has become an indispensible tool for communities pursuing skateparks. First published in 2007, over 6,000 copies of the Public Skatepark Development Guide have been distributed worldwide.

"Pete literally wrote the book on skatepark development," says THF Executive Director Miki Vuckovich. "Bringing his talent and creativity to THF represents a quantum leap forward for skatepark advocacy, in general. Communities fighting for a safe place for their youth to skate now have this tremendous champion working for them, day in and day out."

Whitley joins THF in time for its Spring 2011 skatepark-grant season (grant applications are due March 1). Whether or not applicants qualify for grants, all will receive the benefit of a thorough review of their projects and detailed feedback from THF's Board Of Directors and staff, including Whitley.

Skatepark projects that aren't able to meet the March 1 application deadline have one more chance this year. The Summer 2011 Skatepark Grant Application deadline is July 1, and will be the final opportunity to apply for a THF grant until 2012.

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Tony Hawk (Left) and Executive Director Miki Vuckovich (Right) welcome Programs Director Peter Whitley (Center) to the Tony Hawk Foundation team.

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