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Vert Attack is an annual skateboard contest held in Malmo, Sweden.

Also known as: European mid-vert championship

Vert Attack 5 Results and Footage
The 5th annual Vert Attack contest was arranged in Malmo this weekend. Here is the footage and results from the event.


Check out the replay of the live webcast over at Bryggeriet.

  • Bryggeriet - Vert Attack 5 Live

    Below are some clips from the event. See the full collection of Vert Attack 5 2011 Videos for more footage, and updates.



    Masters +40:

    1. Steve Caballero USA
    2. Nicky Guerrero DK
    3. Christian Hosoi USA
    4. Anders Tellen GER
    5. Jeff Hedges USA
    6. Sean Goff UK

    Below are places 7-20 in no special order.

    Jim The Skin UK
    Jan Loften SWE
    Bruno Rouland FRA
    Volker Lux Ger
    Putte Backlund SWE
    Jim Ramos NOR
    Bram Waterman NED
    Tony Jansson SWE
    Steven Wilkinsson UK
    Fredrik Attebrant SWE
    Steven Mathyson SWE
    Johan Berglind SWE
    Ronnie O`Reilly DK
    Uffe Andersson SWE


    1. Jake Andersson UK
    2. Rune Glifberg DK
    3. Alex Perelson USA
    4. Jussi Korhonen FIN
    5. Neal Hendrix USA
    6. Sam Becket UK
    7. Alex Halford UK
    8. Andy Scott UK
    9. Pontus Bjrn SWE
    10. Adil Dyani NOR
    11. Thomas Madsen DK
    12. Joe Atkins UK

    Below are places 13-16 in no special order.

    Jon Pedersen NOR
    Mattias Nyhlen SWE
    Jim Langran UK
    Mattias Svensson SWE

    Below are places 17- 51 in no special order

    Macki Vertboy SWE
    Martin Havde NOR
    Juha Liesmki FIN
    Jeron Van Sluis NED
    Fredrik Nilsson SWE
    Franziska Stoltz SWI
    Andreas Paraskevas SWE
    Dennis Degenhardt GER
    Andreas Pfadt GER
    Trevor Johnson UK
    Bjorn Klotz GER
    Erwin Prent NED
    Sam Bosworth UK
    Jon Harald Aspeheim NOR
    Stepehn White NZL
    Marc Haziza FRA
    Rob Jones UK
    Oskar Gydell SWE
    James Haney UK
    James Follet UK
    Emil Ernstson SWE
    Audun Mehl NOR
    Mike Kieffer LUX
    Andreas Lindstrm SWE
    Manfred Kutz GER
    Sten ke Volden SWE
    James Hamming UK
    Kevin Wenske GER
    Zack Kutz UK
    Magnus Hanehj SWE
    Leon Adams UK
    Cory Lawson UK
    Bjorn Lillesoe DK
    James Therlfall UK
    Fernando Bramsmark SWE


    1. Mathew Carlise UK
    2. Simon Karlsson SWE
    3. Mats Hatlem NOR
    4. Nick Hanson UK
    5. Thom Theiste GER

    Below are places 6-16 in no special order.

    Andree Bhlin SWE
    Dag Martin Nilsen NOR
    Kalle Berglind SWE
    Tor Valen NOR
    Henry Forsner SWE
    Henry James Calamer NOR
    William Wallentin NOR
    Aaron Cave SWE
    Jon Larson SWE
    Petter Aaberg NOR
    Nick Hanson UK

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  • Facebook - Vert Attack 5

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