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eS Footwear is a skateboard shoe company.

Also known as: S Footwear / eS Footwear / S

S To Europe With Love 2010 Tour Footage
The entire S footwear crew headed over to Europe in late May and early June, visiting the UK, France and Spain. Here is the footage from the tour.


Featuring: Mike Anderson, Justin Eldridge, Kellen James, Josh Matthews, Rick McCrank, Jimmy McDonald, Ben Raemers, John Rattray, Kevin Terpening, Bobby Worrest, Mark Frolich, Nicky Howells, Ricardo Paterno, Gauthier Rouger, Javier Sarmiento, John Tanner and Christian Vannella.


Check out all three parts below.

Also, check out the Fatback S in Europe Video below.

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For more footage and information, check out the Thrasher Website.

  • Thrasher - A Gastronomical Adventure

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    Commercial: Tom Asta for the eS Accel Slim [28/3/2018]
    Tom Asta skates his new Accel Slim colorway at some of the most iconic skate spots in the world.

    Commercial: Tom Asta for the eS Swift 1.5 [15/2/2018]
    Manolos tapes captures Tom Asta skating LA in the S SWIFT 1.5.

    DGK x eS Skateboarding [19/7/2017]
    S footwear has united with DGK Skateboards for a brand new Fall 2017 collaborative collection that meshes the brands together flawlessly. This premium collection taps into the high quality materials, design and style that both brands are known for.


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    2016: Welcome Videos
    welcome to S arnost ceral
    Play This Video

    2015: Welcome Videos
    S Footwear welcomes Christoph Radtke from Rough Distribution
    Play This Video

    2011: Tour Videos
    eS Hitting Close To Home
    Play This Video


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    1996: Advertisments: Show Picture
    S Footwear, Chad Muska, December 1996

    1996: Advertisments: Show Picture
    S Footwear, Paul Sharpe, November 1996

    1996: Advertisments: Show Picture
    S Footwear, Sal Barbier, October 1996

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    Adio Cuts Skateboard Team [25/11/2010]
    Adio Foootwear let go of the whole skateboarding team recently. Here is some information on the update.

    Mason Aguirre on Nike 6.0 [8/10/2010]
    Mason Aguirre is the last of the snowboarders riding Nike 6.0 from head-to-toe. Here is the welcome clip and some information.

    The Great Scape Norway Tour [6/5/2010]
    The Norwegian S team is hitting the road to visit several cities around the country. Here is some information on the who, what and where.

    Habitat Announces Footwear Line [22/11/2009]
    Habitat Skateboards has announced that they are launching a footwear line and a new team next year. Here is the press release.

    Shortcuts: Orlando Acosta [22/7/2009]
    Orlando Acosta presents the trick for round ten of the King of Skate online event. Here is the shortcuts checkout.

    S Game of Skate Qualification Results Norway 2008 [10/5/2008]
    Here are the results from the norwegian qualifications held in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Bod, Tnsberg and Stavanger.

    S Game of Skate 2008 Oslo Videos [8/5/2008]
    Here is a teaser, and a link to all our videos from the norwegian S Game of Skate qualification event at Jerbanetorget in Oslo, Norway.

    S Game of Skate 2008 Oslo [4/5/2008]
    Kim Patrick Karlsen won the final round of the S Game of S.K.A.T.E against Erik Johnsen in Oslo on saturday. Here are some pictures from the event, as well as a nearly complete list of the skaters that partisipated.

    Scandinavia Open 2003 Results and Footage [31/12/2004]
    Here are results and footage from the 2003 Scandinavia Open contest.

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    2006: People [3/2/2011]