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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

Philly AM 2010 #2 Results and Footage
Philly Am was held recently at BDMS. Here are the results and footage from the event.


Check out a clip from the event below.



1. Chris Dziema -- SureShot Skateboards, Nj Skate Shop, Glamour Kills App.
2. Mike Berdis -- Suburban Blend, Osiris(flow), Destructo(flow)
3. Alex Grimes --
4. Mike Isdaner -- Black Diamond
5. Ronnie Kessner -- Anchor Skateboards, Circa (flow)
6. Sean Powderly -- Bride
7. TJ Hernandez -- Bump Skateboards, Project Revolution Clothing, Garden Sk8
8. Greg Patchell -- One Skateboards, Method Skate Shop, Nike 6.0 (flow), NS Bearings
9. Antonio Massey --
10. Mike THomas -- One skateboards, Krank it up Apperal, Ambler Skate Shop
11. Chris Peterson -- Bump Skateboards, Soft Trucks, Born Helmets
12. Misha Cracker -- Element (flow)
13. Mike McCarthy -- Levitate Skateboards
14. Michael Weckstein -- Bump Skateboards, Barewire Surf and Skate
15. Quentin King --
16. Shane Powell -- New Love Skateboards
17. Jacquel "Spyro" Grant -- New Love Skateboards, Osiris (flow)
18. Matthew Flesch -- Woodhaven Skateboards


1. Bryan Williams
2. Tyler Nelson
3. Anthony Malusa
4. Neal Rogers
5. Joe Uva
6. Alon Daniel
7. Dante Tonella
8. Josh Miletto
9. mark Humicnik
10. Kyle Williams
11. Tim Schaeffer
12. Mark Quirin
13. Darren Bush
14. Brian Powderly
15. Nick Clark
16. Josh Fiest
17. David Shin
18. Brandon Pennington


1. Blake Nestor
2. Josh Linglebach
3. Nick Royack
4. Chris Chichlas
5. Colby Hempel
6. Howie Gordon
7. Evan Breter
8. Willie Ammons
9. Mark Belt
10. Samantha Thomas
11. Shane Serrano
12. Nicholas Carter
13. Dan Robbins
14. Jon Jones
15. Leonardo Mello
16. Josh Almodovar
17. John Wells
18. James Russell
19. Billy Andrey
20. Toan Tran
21. Christian Tarapilli
22. Amir Ferguson
23. Mike Schenker
24. Mark Hilditch
25. Austin Kottcamp
26. Billy McGowen
27. Joseph Gopez
28. Derrick Wright
29. Martin Bulick
30. Dwayne Jones


1. Ethan Todt
2. Nick Weber
3. Joe Marrone
4. Mike Cavallo
5. Peyton Rehill
6. Hans Flegeal
7. Dewey Calderano
8. Victoria Totoro
9. Sean Belt
10. Colton Ulmer
11. Zach Petit
12. Brandon Zombeck
13. Danny Campise
14. Jared Tarapilli
15. Liam O'Brian
16. John Reilly
17. David Marks

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