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Street League Skateboarding is a prestigious, invite-only event series featuring some of the best skateboarders in the world.

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Street League Skateboarding Stop 3 Results/Footage
The 2010 Street League DC Pro Tour wrapped up recently, with the third stop in Las Vegas. Here are the results and footage from the event.


Check out the collection of clips from the link below.

  • Street League 2010 Las Vegas Videos


    Stop 3 Results:

    1. Shane ONeill 146.0
    2. Chris Cole 143.8
    3. Nyjah Huston 123.2
    4. Chaz Ortiz 115.6
    5. Ryan Sheckler 114.5
    6. Paul Rodriguez 106.7
    7. Greg Lutzka 81.3
    8. Torey Pudwill 94.4
    9. Sean Malto 93.0
    10. Mikey Taylor 91.7
    11. David Gonzalez 89.7
    12. Eric Koston 84.7
    13. Billy Marks 59.3
    14. Mark Appleyard 49.7
    15. Nick Dompierre 49.4
    16. Marc Johnson 38.1
    17. Brandon Biebel 36.1
    18. Dylan Rieder 34.4
    19. Tommy Sandoval 29.1
    20. PJ Ladd 16.4
    21. Terry Kennedy 12.9

    Overall Winner:

    Check out the final results of the tour here

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