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Lakai Footwear is an American footwear company.

Also known as: Lakai Limited Footwear / Lakai Footwear Limited

Lakai in Norway
The Lakai team is visiting Norway next month as part of their northern tour. Here is some information on where and when you can see them.


Two events have been announced for the visit, one in Bergen, and one in Oslo, but if you are lucky you might also bump into them out skating one of the days of their visit to Norway.

Bergen 3rd August:

15:00 Signing at Session
17:00 Demo at Fysak Skatepark

Oslo 4th August:

15:00 Signing at Swag Bogstadveien
17:00 Demo at Arena Bekkestua


Some names have been dropped since we first announced the news, but the previous article has been updated.

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  • Tacky - Lakai til Norge

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