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Vox is an American footwear and clothing company.

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Vox DIY Tour 2010 Schedule
Vox have started their DIY tour, and is traveling the country to build skatespots. Here is some information on the what, who and where!


Both the Norwegian Vox and Elwood team are along for the tour, and Stu Graham will also be coming with to many of the events.

The following cities have been announced. Oslo, Kristiansand, Sandnes, Stavanger, Haugesund, Nutheim, Ulefoss, Skien, Larvik, Hovefestivalen, Tnsberg, Sarpsborg and Lillehammer.

The first event was arranged at Jordal Skatepark last weekend.

  • Vox DIY Jordal Footage

    Tour Updates

    The list below will be updated with events as they are announced.

    13/6 Vox DIY Jordal
    17/6 Vox DIY Stavanger
    23/6 Vox DIY Nutheim
    29/6 Vox DIY at Hove [29/6 - 2/7]

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  • Vox DIY Tour Norway 2010

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    Vox introduces new am skaters.

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