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The Maloof Money Cup is an annual skateboarding contest for amateur and professional skateboarders.

Also known as: MMC

Maloof Money Cup New York Am Riders
The Maloof Money Cup Ams lineup for the 2010 World Industries Amateur Street Contest has been announced. Here is some infomation.


Andrew Langi/ Redwood City, CA
Ben Hatchell/ Houston, TX
Clint Walker/ Altus, OK
Cody Davis/ Ramsey, MN
Colin Findlater/Ontario, Canada
Collin Provost/Huntington Beach, CA
Cory Kennedy/Lake Stevens, WA
Curren Caples/Ventura, CA
Dan Plunkett/Buffalo, NY
Dane Burman/Sydney, Australia
David Loy/Santa Ana, CA
Davis Torgerson/Plymouth, MN
Dustin Blauvelt/Detroit, MI
Evan Smith/Orlando, FL
Felipe Gustavo/Brasilia, Brazil
Filipe Ortiz/Curitiba, Brazil
Gilbert Crockett/Richmond, VA
Ishod Wair/Hamilton, NJ
Jack Olson/St. Louis Park, MN
Jake Johnson/State College, PA
Jake Donnelly/Buffalo, NY
James Hardy/Madison, AL
Jeffrey Marshall/ Costa Mesa, CA
Jimmy Carlin/ San Diego, CA
Kelly Hart/ Laguna Hills, CA
Kevin Romar/ Cypress, CA
Kyle Walker/ Oklahoma City, OK
Louie Lopez/ Hawthorne, CA
Luis Tolentino/ NYC, NY
Manny Santiago/Lowell, MA
Marius Syvanen/ Helsinki, Finland/San Diego
Mark Suciu/ Saratoga, CA
Nick Merlino/ Atlantic City, NJ
Nick Tucker/ San Diego, CA
Ron Deily/ Union Beach, NJ
Sascha Daley/ Vancouver, Canada
Shawn Hale/ Joplin, Missouri
Theotis Beasley/ Hawthorne, CA
Timmy Knuth/ Melbourne, FL
Tom Asta/ Langhorne, PA
Tony Cervantes/Whittier, CA
Wes Kremer/ San Diego, CA
Willy Akers/ Wilmington, DE

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    Maloof Money Cup South Africa 2011: FINALS Round 1 - Second 4
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