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Horror at Holla was an annual skateboarding contest in Ulefoss, Norway. It was held between 2009 and 2017.

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Horror at Holla II Results and Footage
The annual Horror at Holla event was held at the Holla Skatepark in Ulefoss recently. Here are the results and some footage.


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  • Hollar Rips II 2010 Videos


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  • Holla Rips II 2010 Photos


    Miniramp Junior:

    1. James Todd (14) fra Louisville, Kentucky US (han har familie i norge, og var her for konfirmere seg:)
    2. Levi Bjelde Johansen (10) fra Sandya
    3. (delt) Thomas Lunde (10) Bjrn Tore Dahl (12)

    Street best trick

    Anders Wenngren
    Brd Brubakken
    Dag Martin Nilsen
    Alexander Dahl
    Nicky Kvikklunsj

    Game of S.K.A.T.E

    Anders Wenngren


    No vert contest was held due to the slam seen in the end of the video.

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    2016: Holla Skatepark
    Horror at Holla is an annual skateboard contest at Holla skatepark, Ulefoss, Telemark, Norway. but this year they didnt get time to organize anything, so they just skated instead :-)
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    2015: Horror at Holla
    Horror at Holla 2015 from Jon Harald Aspheim
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    2013: Horror at Holla
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    2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Horror at holla event poster

    2013: Horror at Holla: Show Picture
    Jørn Wiggo Nyberg took first place in the senior miniramp contest and the Horror at Holla best trick contest. Photo by Renate Pedersen.

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    2016: Event Flyers [11/3/2016]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]

    2010: Horror at Holla [10/5/2010]