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Tom Asta is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

Tom Asta TWS Interview
Transworld Skatboarding talked to Tom Asta about getting on Mystery and more.

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Read the interview from the link below.

Transworld Skateboarding - Newshit Interview: Tom Asta

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Video Part: Tom Asta in Right To Exist [5/12/2017]
Tom Astas full part from the newest Santa Cruz video Right To Exist.

Tampa Pro 2017 Confirmed Skaters #1 [26/2/2017]
The first 20 confirmed skaters for this years Tampa Pro contest has been announced.

Tom Asta on Santa Cruz [14/7/2015]
Santa Cruz Skateboards recently acquired Tom Asta to the Pro Lineup, and heres two minutes of ripping Asta footage to celebrate.


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2015: Welcome Videos
Welcome to the Team: Tom Asta from Santa Cruz Skateboards
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2010: Various
Here is a clip of Tom Asta showcasing his tech skills.
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2010: Various
Here is a clip of Tom Asta sessioning a rail in 2010.
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2010: People: Show Picture
LRG is proud to welcome Billy Marks, Tommy Sandoval and Tom Asta to the skate team.

Go Fish:

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Tom Asta skates Barcelona DIY with the crew [22/4/2019]
Tom Asta, Kevin Braun, Maurio McCoy, Henry Gartland and Fabiana Delfino skate what looks like the best DIY there is out in Barcelona.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Best Of 2018 [9/1/2019]
Best Skateboarding Of 2018 from Santa Crz. A year filled with welcoming New Blood, and Kevin Braun entering into the pro world. With Jake Wooten, Maurio McCoy, Henry Gartland, Justin Sommer and Fabiana Delfino leading the charge, the future is looking bright!

Battle at the Berrics 2018 Results and Footage [13/12/2018]
Here are results and footage from Battle at the Berrics X.

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Sewa Kroetkov 3rd Place Battle [12/12/2018]
Tom Asta battles Sewa Kroetkov for third place.

BATB 11 Semifinals Chris Joslin vs Tom Asta [11/12/2018]
BATB X champ Chris Joslin battles Tom Asta in the second BATB 11 semifinals match.

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Mike Mo Capaldi [11/12/2018]
This is itAsta vs. Capaldithe last 3rd round battle to determine who will take that fourth slot for BATB 11 Finals Night.

Santa Cruz Skateboards x TMNT [28/10/2018]
With the release of the all new #TMNTxSC Collection Santa Cruz are stoked to share a new video piece featuring the 3 #Everslick boards that will be hitting shelves worldwide on November 9th. For this video they sent the team to the home of the Mutant Teens, New York City, to skate the slickest boards in the world and see how they faired with the east coast crust.

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Tom Rohrer [1/10/2018]
Tom Asta la vista Asta meets Tom I am Tom, hear me roar Rohrer in BATB 11.

Commercial: Tom Asta for the eS Accel Slim [28/3/2018]
Tom Asta skates his new Accel Slim colorway at some of the most iconic skate spots in the world.

Commercial: Tom Asta for the eS Swift 1.5 [15/2/2018]
Manolos tapes captures Tom Asta skating LA in the S SWIFT 1.5.

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2010: Various [29/1/2011]