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The Damn Am is an amateur skateboarding contest series.

Also known as: Damn Am Contest Series / DamnAm

Damn Am 2010 Events
The annual Damn Am events are some of the best known amateur skateboarding contests. Here is this years schedule.


Damn Am Minneampolis: Event is held at 3rd Lair, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Date was formerly June 4 to 6, but was changed to June 11 - 13 on January 20, 2010 to accommodate another event. [source]

AmsterDamn Am: Presented by Volcom, the event is held at Skatepark Amsterdam between July 9 and 11, 2010. [source]

Damn Am Canada: Presented by Billabong the event is held in Vancouver, Canada between September 17 and 19, 2010. [source]

Damn Am Costa Mesa: Presented by Volcom, the Contest is held at Volcom's warehouse between October 21 - 24, 2010. [source]

Tampa Am: The 17th Annual Tampa Am Presented by Nike SB is held at the Skatepark of Tampa in Tampa, Florida, between December 2 and 5, 2010. Tampa Am closes out the year with top ams from around the world and all Damn Am events coming together for a great time, great skating, and the annual Anniversary Party for Skatepark of Tampa established in 1993. [source]


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    Damn Am 2018 NYC Keith Hardy Footage [22/9/2018]
    keith hardy wins bronson speed killer award at damn am nyc 2018

    Damn Am NYC 2018 Footage [20/9/2018]
    Damn Am skateboarding contest new york city, LES skatepark September 2018 from extracrispynyc.

    Damn Am 2018 NYC Bowsers iPhone Edits Footage [20/9/2018]
    SPoTs house photographer tagged along on this years NYC trip and put together some raw iPhone edits from the contest and a little bit of street skating with the squad. Check it.


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    2016: Damn Am NYC
    2016 Damn AM NYC RecaP from SLS
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    2016: Damn Am NYC
    2016 Damn Am NYC: Practice Robert Neal, Santiago Rodriguez, Jereme Knibbs SPoT Life
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    2016: Damn Am Chicago
    2016 Damn Am Chicago: Heres How Yoshi Tanenbaum Won SPoT Life
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    2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Damn Am NY Poster

    2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture

    2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Volcom Damn Am Event Flyer 2008

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    Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Results and Footage

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    Darkstar has welcomed Tyson Bowerbank to their Am team. Here is some information on the involved parties.

    Damn Am Costa Mesa 2008 Results [6/11/2008]
    Damn Am Costa Mesa was the last Damn Am event before the Tampa Am. Here are the results from the event.

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