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Bergen Brettfest is an annual skateboard contest in Bergen, Norway.

Also known as:

Bergen Brettfest
In April, VOX Footwear and are arranging a skateboard event at Fysak Skatepark in Bergen. Here is some information about the event.


With cash and stash prizes, the event is held from 16th to 18th April, and there will be street and bowl contests for both juniors and seniors.


Friday 16. April:

Jr/Sr street og bowl practise

Saturday 17. April:

10:00 Park opens/registration/warmup
12:00 Junior street qualification
13:30 Judges meteting
14:00 Senior street qualification
16:30 Judges meeting
16:30 Senior bowl qualification
17:30 Senior bowl final
18:00 Park closes

Sunday 18. April:

12:00 Park opens/warmup
13:00 Junior street final
14:00 Senior street final
15:00 Judges meeting
15:30 Junior bowl qualification
16:30 Junior bowl final


Night activities is plannet with Session, 7fm, Garage, Nabon etc.

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  • Fysak Skatepark


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