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DC King of Los Angeles is an amateur skate contest in L.A. to determine the amateur King of Los Angeles.

Also known as:

King of LA 2007 Results
The first DC King of Los Angeles amateur skateboard contest was held in 2007. Here are the results and some photage from the event.


King of LA:

Vince Alvarez

Lockwood: [Video]

01. Vince Alvarez
02. Austyen Gillette
03. Jason Vanzant
04. Keelan Dadd
05. Josh Grossguth
06. Rudy Felix
07. Zack Wagner
08. Craig Cring
09. Chris de Fillip
10. Matt Robriguez

Bancroft: [Video]

01. Josh Grossguth
02. Vince Alvarez
03. Rudy Felix
04. Dom Johnson
05. Mark Goode
06. Scott Pfaff
07. Jamason Decew
08. Tislan Smith
09. Tom Ryan
10. Keelan Dadd

Barker Hangar: [Video]

01. Chris Mendes
02. Keelan Dadd
03. Javan Campello
04. Jason Vanzant
05. Josh Grossguth
06. Kyle Brogan
07. Trevor McClung
08. Tim Thomas
09. Taylor McClung
10. Jose Garcia

LACC: [Video 1][Video 2]

01. Vince Alvarez
02. Keelan Dadd
03. Chris Mendes
04. Josh Grossguth
05. DJ Fort
06. Sean Powell
07. Anthony Garcia
08. Brad Herrera
09. Tislam Smith
10. Jason Vanzant


Below are some more videos from the event.

  • DC King of LA 2007 Recap.
  • DC King Of LA - DC Teaser
  • DC King Of LA - BNQT Teaser

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