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For four days in the middle of August, the Medieval Park in Oslo is transformed into an arena for musical, visual and cross cultural performances. The festival is an energetic, symbiotic and liminal experience with a unique atmosphere and audience that bares resemblance to none other.

Also known as: yafestivalen

ya Festival 2009 GSF Scene
yafestivalen, Juvenile Rock Club and Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid arranges free concerts and a skate tournament in the GSF Skatepark during this years festival. Here is some information.


The event is free and has no age limit. There will be food, music and skateboarding.

The skate tournament goes over four days, with a super finale on the last day. The bowl is open for skating when the tournament is not going on.


Wednesday 12/8:

13:00 Blodbank
13:30 Skate Tournament Senior Qualification
14.30 Bare Egil
15.30 Black Debbath
17.00 Fjorden Baby!

Thursday 13/8:

13:00 My Little Pony
13.30 Skate Tournament Junior Qualification
15:00 Proviant Audio
17:00 The New Wine

Friday 14/8:

13:00 Circus Mind
14:00 Burning Brigantines
15:00 First Violation
15:30 Skate Tournament Open Qualification
17:00 Ungdomskulen

Saturday 15/8:

13:00 Japee & The Funk Minority
13:30 Skate Tournament Semi Final
15:00 Senit
16:00 Skate Tournament Super Final
17:00 The Phantoms

ya Festivalen

Read more about this years festival and program from the link below.

  • ya Festival 2009

    No tickets are needed at GSF, but if you want to go to the festival you could try to win a ticket for saturday from the link below.

  • Konkurranse: ya Billett Lrdag


    Below is a link for a map and more information on the location of the event.

  • GSF Skatepark

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  • Facebook - yafest med Juvenile i Skaetparken i Gamlebyen

    GSF Skatepark opening day..

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