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Eero Anttila is a Finnish professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Eero Antilla / Eero Anttilla

Shortcuts: Eero Anttila
The third round trick in the King of Skate contest is presented by Eero Antila. Here is the shortcuts checkout.


Eero, youre from Finland. When and how did you start skateboarding in a country, where people are born with skis at their feet?
Got my first complete at my 7th birtday. For the first i just started pushing around with my neighbours friend. When i turned 11 or 12 i got a real skateboard and started learning tricks. We mostly used to skate from spring to autumn time until the first indoor skatepark opened in 2000, but sometimes we skated an indoor parking lot, too.

Tell us a little bit about you. How old are you? How did you grew up? Did your parents suport you from the beginning? What school did you went to?
I'm 24 years old and grew up in Tampere, the 4th biggest city in Finland. My parents bought me my first skateboard and they always supported me with what makes me happy. I went to a regular school like everybody else in Finland until 9th grade, and then started studing.

What does skateboarding means to you?
For me skateboarding is freedom and youre able to do what you want...

What are you doing beside skateboarding?
Chilling with my girlfriend and friends, listening to music, read some books... nothing too special.

How did you enter the Jart Skateboard Team and what do you think about Jart and the team?
At a Globe tour we had a stop in Biarritz (France), and partied at the Globe office in Hossegor where i met Philippe Amar (Jart ex-team manager and flow rider) who intruduced Jart to me. At that time I was riding for Alis, but three months after the team manager left, things got a little bit complicated at Alis, and i contacted Philippe to start riding for Jart. I knew most of the guys of the team before getting in and i'm stoked to be a member.

How does your current setup look like?
I skate 8inches boards, 52mm Jart wheels, Swiss bearings and Thunder trucks.

Your FS Flip looks perfect and amazing! Tell us your favourite tricks, and what you prefer to skate?
There are too many tricks just to name only a few. It depends a bit of the day and my mood. I try to skate everything more or less ledges, handrails, stairs, miniramps...

How often do you change your deck?
If i 'm skating hard i change my board every week more or less.

Do you have anybody who inspires you?
There are a lot of skaters who inspire me. I like to skate with my finnish friends and Jart teammates, but i'm down to skate with whoever is motivated...

To what music you are listing to? Some favourite artists?
I like all kind of music: Reggae, Rock&Roll, Hip Hop... There are too many names just to name only a few.

Do you remember the best and the worst day at your skateboarding life?
For me the same day was the best and the worst. MicMac a finnish clothing brand which sponsor me, sent me on my first skate trip to Germany. We went to Dormund's World Championship with the whole team. I met all the pros i knew from magazines and videos in person and skated with them. This was my best moment. But at my contest-run i had my worst moment. I had been skating well all the day, but on my run i tried a 360 Flip over the box, landed and stepped away. The board rolled to the other side of the park very fast, so i started running to get it but just had time to do one more trick after i got it back. I was a bit frustrated, because I skated well all day long...

Do you like to travel?
I like to see different places and meet new people...

What are your plans for the next couple of months? I know that you are in Barcelona right now...
Currently we are filming in Barcelona for the new Jart video. Then i will go back home to skate some spots in Finland while it is warm and then do a couple of tour-trips and contests with Jart and Globe. My plans involve mostly skateboarding plus enjoying time with my girlfriend, family and friends.

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